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Friday, May 07, 2010

Hi guys!

I've been in love with a song from the  latin artist Juan Luis Guerra. I've been singing like one or two phrases from the song and my hubby one day was like.. Why can't you sing the whole song? You keep singing the same phrases over an over! lol I was annoying him.. so today I decided to find the lyrics and I did a little video for him and posted it in Facebook lol

It's me singing not the whole song, but at least more of what he has been listening... hahah

This is the link of my video: fintia01
The link of the singer: JUst in case you wanna hear the original son :D

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  1. Fintia, you knwo how to sing girl!
    You are talented, your voice is so pretty.
    I'm impressed!!!
    It was a nice moment, thx a lot for sharing xoxo

  2. aww thanks Liloo! been doing it for a while and I love it so much. I'm so blessed to be able to sing :D

  3. It was so great to hear you sing after so many years!


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