HAUL: Mango and CVS

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi guys :-)
I'm so excited about this that I have the urge to share ASAP!
I just came back from  Bday shopping and visiting my mother in law.

After shopping for hubby today I saw the Mango outlet and  wanted to check it out.
As I was coming inside the store I remembered this...
...you guys know that I fell in love with this dress!
She said she got it in 2009.
My heart started racing, I kept thinking that  the dress could be there since  outlets
usually have last season stuff.
I did not want to be all disappointed so I stopped thinking about it lol and looked around.

When I was getting close to registers...

BOOM!!!! The dress was there!!!!!
I grabbed the dress in 2 sizes and ran to the fitting room.
I tried the Medium and it was a total failure.. it was to tight and uncomfortable :/
I got the Large one and in my mind I was:
"Please  fit" "Please fit" lol
When I tried it on, I went out to the huge mirror they have in the back...
aaaaaaaaaaaand it fits!!!

You can imagine the excitement I felt right?
Of course I bought it and I am very happy with the purchase.
It look pretty good and now I just need a nice belt!
It was on sale so I just payed $27!

And now a pic of my awesome finding!! 

Isn't it pretty? ;-D

I also went to CVS and bought the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. 
I've heard good reviews  about this product,so since my little one broke my Clinique one into pieces, I decided to take the plunge and try it.

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  1. Awesome! I am so jealous, that dress is adorable :) Enjoy!

  2. pero que preciosidad de vestido me encanta y lo mejor es que es de mango una tienda que podemos encontar en México.

    gracias por pasar a mi blog

    besos Fintia

  3. Good Things come to those who wait! the dress is so cute! Please post an outfit of the day when you wear it!

  4. Hola Lucy! gracias ;-)
    Hi Beverly! I'll sure try to do that ;-)

  5. This dress is stunning! Lucky you!!!

    I love Mango!!! They always have that dainty and stylish collections I'm longing for.

  6. What a cute dress!

    Let us know what you think about the powder.
    (this time around, if your son breaks it, it won't hurt as much jiji) :-)

    Have a great weekend and congratulations to your husband on his birthday!

  7. WOW! This dress is really lovely! :)

  8. Thanks Beautifier, Can't wait to wear it!


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