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Friday, May 14, 2010

 As I mentioned before, today I went shoe shopping/hunting!
I was looking for a specific kind of shoe that I talked about in another post. I did'nt find the exact shoe of course, but I found a similar pair and I'm loving them!!

I was gonna take pictures but I can't  take good ones with my cel inside the apartment so I got the pics from Google..

Here they are!!!! Aren't they cute an edgy? <3

I got them in black. Macys have them in only 2 colors: Black and Silver.
I just found out now that have them only in brown, but the price tag is $159!

I went to Macy's thinking they were going to be $89.99 like I saw on their website, so while I was going to the store, I was having a little guilt inside me lol!
It's hard for me to send a lot of money on  shoes and clothing. I'm always  thinking I can buy 2 tops or 2 shoes for that kind of money. So when I went to the shoe department I  found out they were on sale!!!
I payed $69.99 + tax still a little high, but did it anyways since I don't do it often :D
If you are interested in these, they are on sale only at the store and they are selling fast!
I got the floor sample!

Brown shoe pics are from

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  1. I have these in black too! Love them.

  2. You're a hard-working momma and deserve the shoes! :-)

  3. You do jo?!!! I wore them tonight!
    Thanks Emy! ;-D

  4. The brown ones are super cute!

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