Monday, May 31, 2010

I am loving this brand!
The have the cutest shoes!

I've been lemming a pair of yellow shoes for a while now..
Loving this one..

You can find this brand at Nordstrom, Ebay, or

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  1. omg me too! I love seychelles! In fact there's a really cute pair on sale right now on I think it's called the Veronica. Anyways they're so adorable!

  2. I went to Nordstrom yesterday and the yellow ones were on sale but they did not have my size! I was so sad lol. I looked again today online and found the option of picking up I found a pair in stock in Orlando, and we are actually going there this weekend so.. ;-D

  3. I don't know this brand! Love the blue ones they are so vintage ^^
    Thx for sharing

  4. I've never heard of the brand before, but I definately need to save up and get some!
    I tagged you!


  5. Love the green ones! I've never heard of this brand either but that could be because I'm in the UK. But they are all very nice :)


  6. Hi Liloo! The blue ones were from 2009. I tried to track them and buy them lol. I found them in other colors, but not blue ;( Oh well lol

    @ Peas, yeah they are worth saving up! I'll check the tag ;-)


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