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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hi guys!
I'm right now at church! but in the back, we already sang and I usually go to 2nd service when hubby joins in.
These pics were taking last night after I sang at church. As I mentioned in last night's post my son love donuts so I got him one and  sang Happy Bday to him!
Sorry for the Bday overload but as first time parents, it s a special time for us and  Iwanted to share tthe pics with you guys :D

Are you done with the singing? because I just wanna eat!



Proud mommy!
Proud Daddy!

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  1. Such beautiful family, you can be proud of you xoxo

  2. Girl you are quick! lol Thanks! xoxo

  3. You can call me lucky luck ( do you know this cartoon?) ^^ loool


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