MAC Venomous Villains!

Hello guys!
Today I went to MAC to get some goodies!!
The Disney collection was out today so I went to pick only Bite of an apple blush.
I ended up adding  Darkly my dear blush and one of the pro long wear lippies... hehe
Both blushes are gorgeous!!! 
I love they have a matte finish.
I really want to keep building my blush collection with matte finishes.

and here they are!!

Bite of an Apple blush
Bright coral with reddish undertones

Darkly my Dear Blush
Dirty mauve

The blushes are very pigmented so a light hand is needed when applying them ;-)

 Pro long wear Till tomorrow
Gorgeous nude!!!

Are you getting something from this collection?

Pretty in Pink... hmm that was kind of tacky tittle ;P

Here I am with another FOTD for work..
I wanted to do something bright so I chose to do that on my lips.
Eyes are pretty simple, nothing new, maybe just that I am using MAC Hepcat e/s on my lower lash line
but the other colors I have used before here on other FOTD's.. but I love them so much ;D
I also just realized I did not put my water line liner!! off to do that :D

OOOOO! and today I am picking up Bite of an apple blush from the Disney collection!!!!
So excited about that!!!

UDPP ( Original)
UD Shag e/s
MAC Shimmery vanilla color on the Smoke and Mirrors palette
MAC Samoa Silk e/s on crease
MAC Hepcat e/s on lower lashline
MAC Violet Trance  e/s on lower lashline
Buxom Mascara
Maybelline Define a brow pencil

MAC Dollymix

Rimmel Indian pink l/l
MAC Show Orchid l/s

Off to work FOTD

Hi guys!
Today I was able to take some pics before heading to work.
This week I am working with Clinique, having lots of fun I do not want to leave that counter! lol

I did a Classic gray smokey eye using the gorgeous gorgeous gray color
( almost a dupe for MAC Smoke and Diamonds) in the Wet and Wild Lust palette
I paired this look with peachy lips and cheeks and I really liked how this turned out :-)

Hope you guys enjoy!
and happy Wednesday!!

UDPP ( Original)
Shimmery Gray from Wet and Wild Lust palette on lid-crease- and blended up
Matte Beige shadow from Wet and Wild greed palette on browbone
Shimmery Vanilla eye shadow from Lust palette on top of Matte beige
Random light shimmery gray on inner corners
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Clinique black gel liner
Buxom Mascara
Ardell 305's
Maybelline Define a brow pencil

MAC Spring shine Ombre
MAC Fun and games HK LE

MAC Ravishing l/s

Less blogging but for awesome reasons!

Hi lovelies!
I just wanted to let you know that I may be blogging less but it is for a good reason.
I just started working at Macy's as an on call Beauty Advisor. 
Today was my 2nd day of work and it went soo great!
I felt like I have been doing the job for a long time. 
I worked at the Clinique counter and everyone was happy with me
so I am hoping that by the end of the week they'll keep me there.
And if not, in the near future!
For now, I am supposed to be working with all the cosmetic lines,
but I would love to stay in Clinique, since I use the brand I felt so comfortable in the counter.
So if you see me less, that's why!
Hope you ladies are having a great Sunday!


Review:Urban Decay primer Eden

Hello guys!
Today I come up with a review.
I bought the UDPP Eden I wanna say a month ago. 
I got it at Sephora for $18
When I first heard about this primer I got really excited.
I was very interested in the matte formula, but not excited about the same genie bottle.
The original UDPP has been one of my HG items in my make up collection.
I have very oily lids so UDPP so far is the only product that prevents creasing.

I thought I was going to get the same results with Eden, but I did not.
For starters, the formula is a lot thicker than the original. A little bit goes a long way, a little bit, I repeat.
You only need one dab on your lids, if you get too much it is very difficult to blend since it dries very quickly and you end up with a really strong looking base.

This is something that  disappointed me, it dries too quickly for my taste.
The color that you get when it dries is a flesh tone kind of color similar to 
MAC Soft Ochre paint pot which I liked.

Unfortunately, this formula did not work on me. I have been using it and my eye make up creases after a few hours.  I have tried different things to make it work like layering Eden UDPP with MAC Soft Ochre paintpot on top ( I heard this tip on a YT tutorial) and  it kind of worked but today I did the same and when I got home my eyes were looking awfully creased and of course I was disappointed because I wore my make up for only 4 hours.

However what does not work for me can work for others, so even if you read this
don't get discouraged! 
For reference, as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I do have very oily lids.
I don't think I'll buy this again :(
Take care guys!

MAC Lipsticks Swatches

Click to Enlarge



Show Orchid: Amplified Creme
Captive: Satin
Morange: Amplified Creme
Up the Amp: Amplified Creme
Chatterbox: Amplified Creme
Pink PLaid: Matte
Gladiola: Matte
Bronzilla: Frost
Ravishing: Cremeshen
Made with Love: Lustre
Fashion Mews: Glaze
Night Violet: Matte
Siss: Satin
London Life: Lustre
Beachbound: Glaze

Laid Back

Hello everyone!
Today it was a laid back day for me as for make up. 
I was so sleepy and tired this morning that I chose to do something quick and simple.
This is what I wore to church :)
The outer corner- crease color is from the 24 shadow Sacha Palette I won a few months back.
I really like some of the colors I have tried so far but the palette or shadows don't have name :(



MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
MAC Paradisco e/s on lid-inner corners-lower lash line
MAC Samoa Silk e/s above crease and a little on lower lashline
MAC Vanilla e/s on browbone
Sacha  brownish plum color on outer corners dragged a little on the crease-lower lash line
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Buxom Mascara
Maybelline Define a brow

MAC Fun and Games

MAC Ravishing l/s
MAC- Hello Kitty Mimmy l/g LE


Back to MAC goodies + Swatches

Hello guys!
I went to MAC on Friday
to get some free goodies and I ended up picking 2 shadows that I've been wanting for a while. 
It was so hard to choose!

I got Parfait Amour and Atlantic blue from the Dare to Wear collection.
I included a swatch of Hepcat e/s too since last time I only showed the shadow in the pot only.



Over NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk

No base

*Hepcat e/s is a purple- magenta color. 
Super gorgeous with a frost finish. Pigmentation is great and easy to work with.
* Atlantic Blue e/s is a  bright Violet blue. Amazing color!! Super unique in my opinion.
 Pigmentation is great also, and it has a matte finish. If you are familiar with MAC matte formulas, you know that you need to kind of work with it a little.
* Parfait Amour e/s is a Blue- violet color with shimmer. Gorgeous!!! It is truly a heavenly color.
Great pigmentation and easy to work with as well.

Aquadisiac+ Teal

Hello guys!
This is what I wore today to go out with the fam.
We went to one of our fave malls and I backed to MAC again!
I also got make up compliments from the manager so she made my day lol.
This time I got 2 shadows but I'll share that in another post :D

I really liked how this look turned out.
I bought last weekend a new pair of Ardell 305 lashes and I am loving them so much.
They are called accents, enhacing the outer part of the eye.

Since the weather it's getting better I used a dazzleglass today.
It is called Stepping out and it is just beautiful :)

Hope you enjoy this look
*Click to Enlarge*

Loccitane Ultra Matte Fluid
Make up Forever Matt Velvet foundation
Clinique blended face powder

MAC Teal Pigment on lid and lower lashline
MAC Mutiny pigment on tearduct area
MAC Aquadisiac above the crease and on the lower lashline
MAC Stately black to deepen crease
 Matte Vanilla from Wet &Wild greed palette ( brow bone)
MAC Vanilla e/s on top of the matte vanilla
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil on waterline
Clinique black gel liner on upper lash line
Ardell 305 lashes
Clinique Voluminous mascara

MAC Too Dolly

MAC Lush-n-lilac l/l
MAC Up the Amp l/s
MAC Fashion Mews l/s
MAC Stepping out d/g

Look what I did...

Hello guys!
Last night I made decision of depotting my MAC lispticks.
I had them all in a cosmetic bag inside my traincase and it was soo heavy! lol
So since I had some empty little jars laying around, and the thought that I can get 2 free shadows...
I srtarted the mission!
The lispticks don't look pretty anymore, they are all smashed up, but I do not mind since I know they are still going to look pretty on my lips ;)
I like that I can still take them with me when I go out along with my travel lip brush (I got mine at Sephora) and that I can see the colors right away.
I still have 4 lippies to depot but I'll do that when I am done with 2 other MAC products.
I am also going to label them so I won't forget the names.

This is how they look now:
Just in case from top to bottom:
Up the Amp
Bronzilla LE
Show Orchid
Pink Plaid
London Life
Would you like to see a post with swatches of these?
Let me know in a comment and I will or not! hehe

Take care!
Happy Wednesday <3

Let’s pull out those unloved products!

As we all know there are products that we see, fall in love, and then when we get to try them on it was not what we were expecting..

I am sure that lots of us have a way too sheer lipstick or an extremely bold one
just sitting in our train cases.

Today I am going to share some simple tips to help you make the most of these unwanted/ unloved products.

First, let’s talk about sheer lipsticks. If you happen to have one of these I just have one word for you: LAYERING! 
Just take a lipstick similar in color that is more opaque and apply one coat. Then take that sheer lipstick and apply it on top. You would be amazed what the mixing of products can do!

Another option, is to use a lip liner slightly darker than the lipstick or if you feel adventurous try a much darker or lighter shade. Line, fill in your lips, and then top it off with the sheer lipstick. If you want to keep experimenting, finish off with a lipgloss!

Now let’s talk about bold lipsticks!

Sometimes there are colors that look gorgeous in the tube, but a little intimidating to wear. 
If this is the case, just dab the lipstick on your lips or take a small amount on your fingertips and apply it. This is going to give you  just a wash of color and you can always leave at that or you can get either a clear or similar color lip gloss to go on top. 
Another option is to apply the lipstick as you normally do and then apply a nude lip gloss on top. This way, you can lower the intensity of the lipstick.

The beauty of makeup is experimenting. I have been doing this myself and now I am giving use to different lipsticks that were unloved.

Also, if you have sheer blushes try using them as transition colors in your eye makeup ,as highlights,  or even as lid colors. Remember to do this carefully though since some people can have allergic reactions.

The same goes with shadows, try layering them up applying a more pigmented one underneath!

Hope this was helpful and Play around!! Remember you can always wipe it off!!

Good luck!

Sweet and Punchy + Humid

Hi guys!

I am finally home after a long weekend in Orlando, Fl
We spent time with family and also visited the Sea World's water park Aquatica!
We had lots of fun.
This is the look I wore on Friday.
I wanted to use MAC Sweet and Punchy
from the To the Beach collection.
This is my 2nd time using it and I have to say it is a gorgeous unique color.
I know.. I kind of matched my bird.. so what! :p

Hope you guys enjoy this look <3

MAC Sweet and Punchy e/s ( n lid)
Ben Nye Tangerine e/s ( above crease)
MAC Humid e/s ( outer corners and lower lash line)
MAC Gorgeous Gold e/s on inner corners and as highlight)
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Maybelline Define a brow pencil
Buxom Mascara
Ardell Wispies

MAC Springshine Ombre
MAC- HK Fun and Games

MAC Made with love l/s

Wanna get free giftcards?

 Hello lovelies!
Today I want to share with you an awesome website where you can get free gift cards!
It is called My points. How it works? You basically create an account and you can start immediately earning points. This website is partnered with a lot of different stores like Sephora,  Ebay, Nordstrom, Macys, Old navy, and  lots more!
If you are a person that buys online at one of the stores that are partnered with My points, you can earn from 2 up to 4 points per dollar! If you do not buy that much online or at all don’t worry, I’m one of those and you can also earn points by reading their emails. Usually these emails are offers from other websites but you just have to click on the link and get 5 points just for visiting the website, is that easy!
Or, if you happened to like the offer and want to buy, you can get it and earn a lot of  more points.
Another way to earn points is answering surveys. You can earn up to 50 points if you are eligible. If you are not, you always get 10 points.
I joined in January, and now that I’ve been part of it for over 8 months, I can assure you it is a safe website.
 If you like the idea of earning points to get free gift cards this website is a great opportunity to do so. I do not shop online that often, I have been accumulating points mostly by reading their emails and answering surveys. So far I have 4,380.  It has taking me 8 months to get to that number but then again I do not shop online that often. If you do shop a lot online then you can accumulate points faster. Have in mind that in order to get the points you need to sign in to My points first. If you go directly to let’s say and buy, you are not going to earn points, unless you download their search toolbar. You can earn 200 points just for downloading it! But this is optional, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.
But let me stop talking, everything you need to know is in their website so make sure to read!!
My eyes are in a $100 Macy’s gift card!!  So there’s a lot of points that I need to earn still lol
You can also earn points by referring friends to the site.
If you guys go to the website and after reading are interested in joining,  if you guys don’t mind, leave me your email address in a comment so I can send you the  My points invitation first, and then you can accept the invitation and join the site. That way I can earn some points too!
If you do not want to leave me your email in a comment here, send it to me in a email:
you can put in the tittle my points or something..
And if you do not want to send me your email at all, that’s fine too!!! LOL <3
Enjoy shopping and earning points!!

Free Make up goodies and Back to MAC!

Hello guys!
Today was a kind of a freebie day for me :-)
I went to MAC to do the Back to MAC thing and I got Hepcat e/s.
It is a gorgeous purple magenta shade with a frost finish. 
This color has been on my wishlist for a while, so today I had the opportunity to finally get it. 
I cant wait to play with it!

Also, I stopped by the Clinique counter located at Bloomingdales since they started doing the Clinique Bonus offer. For the ones that don't know, Clinique do this twice a year and you basically need to spend over $25 and you get a free gift that includes different products like mascara, moisturizers, eyeshadows, blush, etc..
I really like this offer since it always comes with either one or 2 cute cosmetic bags too.

I usually pick this at Macys, but last week I got a small catalogue from Bloomingdales talking about the offer. 
The designer Milly, partnered with Clinique and she designed the bag.
This time the free gift includes 8 products!!

From top to bottom
Bamboo Lipstick
Frsoted Blossom e/s ( it's showing lie a white shadow but it is pink)
Chocolate Chip e/s

Close up
 There is no no base on my hand

 Now Let's talk about the good stuff!

 Cosmetic bag
As you can see this bag is super cute! I really like the design. It is a medium size so you can pack a lot in here!
Perfect for travel or even to use as clutch.

Eyeshadows and Blush compact
Usually with this offer Clinique always put together really muted colors. This time though, they did brighter colors! The pink and brown shade are gorgeous. The pink is more on the sheer side, I'll need to see how it works on they eye area using it with a base. The chocolate brown color has great pigmentation! It is a gorgeous shade and I am loving the texture. But again, I need to play with it on my eyes!!

The blush is super gorgeous!! It is a bright  frosted pink. I tried this on today, I already had MAC Peachykeen. I applied the Clinique one on top and it looked fab! Sorry guys no swatch! I just realized it now  and I am too tired to do so lol

Bamboo Pink lipstick
Usually the lipstick shades that they offer with this free gift I do not like. But this time I really do!. It is a very pretty coraly pink but more on the sheer side and very shimmery.

High Impact Mascara
This mascara is ok. Nothing too spectacular but I do not mind. It's always good to have a back up of mascara laying around.

Take The Day off
This is a great makeup remover!! I super love it. The make up comes right off, there is no need to tug anything.

Lipstick Case
This one comes with same pattern as the cosmetic bag and includes a mirror inside! Perfect to take that fave lipstick with you!

Youth Surge
This is a night moisturizer- age deceleration. This one is for dry combo skin, so I don't think I'm going to use it :/

Lash primer
I'm very excited to try this! I have never used a primer for my lashes so I can't wait to see how this is going to work.

Back to MAC
MAC Hepcat e/s
It is sooo pretty!!
I'll be doing a FOTD soon with it and will show a swatch!

Well that's it for tonight!
Bye :D

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