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Black and White

Black and White

Cotton shorts
$66 - nelly.com

404 Error - Oasap High Street Fashion

Stripes are a  huge  trend at the moment.
 And even though I have never been a fan, I have to admit that I am starting to like them. I fell in love with this top from Oasap and I really like how this outfit turned out. I could easily wear this during the day time or night time!
Which piece is your fave?

 Oasap is having a really nice sale at the moment! 
Go check it out!

New in: Spiked Loafers

I am so excited to finally be the owner of a pair of spiked Loafers
I've had them on my wishlist for a while now
 and I was lucky to find a cute pair without breaking the bank! 
These retail for $25 at Traffic and as you guys can see they have studs and spikes on the front. I love the mix of silver and black and they are really comfy!
 As far as sizing they run smaller, so I went a size up.
These are definitely perfect for more casual, laid back outfits and can't wait to style them, see you guys soon!

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Bloglovin as GFC Replacement!

Hello ladies!

 It looks like there will be some changes up ahead.
 Google Reader shuts down on July 1, so if you are still following me on there, it's time to switch over to Bloglovin'

I just started using Bloglovin' and imported all of my favorite blogs and 
I am already loving it!
 The clean layout makes scrolling through the blogroll
 such a breeze!

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Review: Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer

Hello my loves!
Today I want to share with you a product that I have been absolutely loving for the summer. If you are like me, and do not like sticky creams, this is the product for you!

I stumbled with this Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer on a "Follow me around" video from Grav3yardgirl on Youtube. When I saw this lotion in spray form, I got really excited!  
My legs suffer from extremely dry skin, however, I am not a friend of creams. The sticky and heavy feeling makes me feel super uncomfortable which means I do not use them often.

One day, when I was grocery  shopping I decided to visit the beauty isles and there I saw it. Curious about how it would perform, I bought it and I could not be happier.

This lotion is very lightweight, non greasy, and my favorite... it absorbs quickly! Here in South Florida the humidity can get a little crazy so this lotion really proved to be sticky free!

 These new spray lotions come in three different kinds.The one featured today is " Total Moisture" which is infused with pure oat extract for healthy soft skin in seconds! It has a really nice soft scent that I enjoy lots.

The continuous spray system makes the application an easy process. Just spray, rub it in, and go!

This product lasted me about two months which is not that bad at all. Since it is a spray, I though it was going to last less. Overall, I love this product and highly recommend it!

You can find the new Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer pretty much everywhere. I got mine at Walmart and it retails for $5.94

Have you tried this product yet?

Cuff it up!

If there is something I have always loved is cuffs. No matter how many new trends can come in an out to me a cuff is such a staple piece to have. Even if I am wearing a plain T-shirt and shorts, wearing a cuff  gives that oomph to an outfit.
 My favorite type has to be leather... It makes me feel very rock and roll! 
Which one is your favorite?

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