Happy Weekend!

Just a short post wishing you guys a great weekend!

I am singing this weekend at my church so that is tonight and then tomorrow morning!
I will be getting ready soon.. :-D since we always do a little practice before..


Make overs!

I will be doing a demo for MAC soon so I wanted to kind of practice with the model first. I did a day to night make up look. Very bronzey and sultry. Hope you guys like. I think for the actual demo I am going to smoke it out more the night time look :-)


Day Time look

Night time Look


Products used:
Day time look
Make up Forever HD foundation
Amazing concealer
Clinique blended face powder

MAC Springshine
MAC Nuance

Pandora's primer
MAC All that glitters e/s on lid and inner corners
MAC TExture e/s  on outer corners, crease, and lower lash line
MAC Mania paper e/s as a high light
MAC Plumage as liner on upper lash line
Her own mascara

MAC Caprive l/s
MAC Purr l/g

Night time look

Added MAC Sketch
MAC Blacktrack fluid line
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Added more MAC Plumage e/s

Added MAC Conjure up Mineralize blush

Added MAC Gold Dust lipglass

This is another make over I did but forgot to take the before pics :-(


Purple and Pink look

Studio fix powder
Lorac concealer

Pandora's Primer
MAC Yogurt e/s on lid
MAC Manila paper e/s and MAC Naked pigment as highlight
MAC Romping e/s on outer corners, crease, and lower lashline
MAC Stately black e/s on lower lashline
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s on inner corners
Purple eyeshadow from Manly 120 palette on outer corners and as a liner
on upper lash line

Mac Dolly mix
MAC Nuance

Electric Fuschia

Thanks for looking!

MAC/ Heatheratte She's Good

Hi guys!

So today I tried for my 3rd time to put on false lashes. One eye I did very good but the other one not too good but not too bad either haha.. gotta keep practicing. What I do not like about these is that the band is white so even though I added more black liner you can still the white grrrr.. I wanna buy a pair of Ardell Wispies and tried with those.. they look so pretty and natural. Those were the ones I tried the first time ever and I failed soo bad that I did not try up until now.. like 3 months after???? I think. =D

These pair is very dramatic and I love how  false lashes do a big difference in the eye make up.. My eyes look so ALIVE!!! lol What do you guys think?

Oh! and excuse the pics.. bad lighting today :-(

Got my business cards!

As you guys know I've been trying to get a chance to work at MAC but at the same time I've been working on my make up kit so I could freelance on my own. This is something that it's gonna take a little bit more time but I'm excited that I am starting it!

I order some business cards at Vistaprint, where you can get 250 cards for free! I payed for the shipping and also for the custom design that I did on my own. I think altogether I payed around $15. It would've been a little cheaper using the premade designs that the website has but I wanted to do it myself.

Since I put in the card my blog address I wanted the card to look kind of the same as my blog. I'm pretty happy with my blog design so I went for it!

I still need to finish my kit and basically start to spread the word and hand out cards..
We'll see how it goes =D

Sharing a blogger =D

 Hi guys!
It's raining like crazy today.. indoors day today I guess...
I just wanted to share this lady with you guys!
She is new to the blogging world,  a friend of mine, and she loves make up just like all of us!!
Check her out!

L'occitane Almond Apple Cleansing oil

Yesterday I went to the L'occitane outlet to buy another Red Rice foaming cleanser as well as the Red Rice Ultra matte fluid. 
While I was  looking at the different products  I saw this Make up remover and i got intrigued by it and since it was only  $3 bucks on sale.. why not right?

This is what the website tells about this product:

"On contact with water, this cleansing oil transforms into a creamy milk. It combines the softening, protective properties of almond oil from Provence with an organic apple oil extract, to preserve the skin's hydro-lipidic barrier. It instantly eliminates all traces of make-up and impurities, on the surface of the skin as well as at the pore level. Skin is clean, soft, fresh and protected."
I used it yesterday at the end of the day and basically it is an oil that you apply on your face, then you need to add a little water to emulsify it. I started rubbing my face in circle motions and when it gets mixed with the water it creates this milky consistency. It really got rid of the make up! While I was rinsing my face I could see  all the dirt just coming off! My face felt very soft and moisturized. After wards, I followed up with the Red Rice Foaming cleanser and my face felt very clean and not feeling tight at all!
  I'll get back to you guys with a full review later on. I have to see how my face reacts and stuff, but I have to say that this might be a keeper! We'll see :-).

This Almond Cleanser oil retails for $7 at their website. But if you are lucky and have an outlet close by.. go check and maybe you'll find the $3 bucks deal!!

I'm really glad I took the plunge and tried this brand.

Have a great day/ night!

Nooberellas giveaway!

Hello guys!
She is doing her 200 follower giveaway!
Great MAC prizes!!!
There is a link in the sidebar :-)

Feeling kind of rusty... :-D

Today I went for a look that I don't do often but I'm starting to like it. Even my husband noticed
that I used different colors and he told me he was liking it a lot, so of course I felt great!
As you guys know I bought Bronzilla l/s from the MAC Spring Color Forecast collection  so I thought these colors would compliment the lip color.

I used a NYX palette that I was neglecting really bad so today I gave it some love :-)


Same as always

Pandora's Primer
 MAC Vanilla e/s as a base all over lid
MAC Manila paper e/s as a high light
MAC Sketch e/s to deepen the outer corners and bottom lashline
MAC All that glitters e/s on the lid on top of NYX Golden e/s
MAC Plumage e/svery close to the lower lashline
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
From the NYX Ts 12 palette:
Walnut Bronze e/s crease and above
Golden e/s on the lid
Rust e/s on crease and outer corners
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara

MAC Springshine/ Spring Color Forecast Co. LE
MAC Nuance

Bronzilla l/s
Gol Dust l/g

Electric Fuschia FOTD and Swatches!

Oh my! I'm in love with this lipglass from the Spring Color Forecast Collection. I did not buy it the day of the event and I was kind of regretting it.. but since I was not very happy with the Oak lip pencil I bought, I decided to go to the store and make an exchange. When I got there I was between Gaga l/s, Color me Coral l/s, and Electric Fuschia l/g. It was hard to make a decision since all of them are pretty. Since Gaga l/s will be around for 12 months I passed on that one. Color me coral was pretty but Electric Fuschia won! I'm so glad I did because it's selling out quick. I was actually the last person to buy the last one at the MAC store.


Pandora's Primer
MAC Vanilla
MAC Yogurt
MAC Stately Black
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Smolder eye khol
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara
Light and dark pink shadows from 88 and 120 palette

MAC Dollymix
MAC Nuance

MAC Gladiola
MAC Electric Fuschia LE

MAC Electric Fucshia

MAC Electric Fuschia
MAC- Hello Kitty Fast Friends

(From left to right)
MAC Fast Friends
MAC Electric Fuschia

(From to top to bottom)
MAC/HK Fast Friends
MAC Electric Fuschia
As you can see even though they look kind of similar 
Electric Fuschia has tons of blue reflects and
they look absolutely gorgeous!
The blue reflects on Fast friends are not that noticeable.
Also, Fast friends is a very sheer gloss.
Electric Fuschia is super pigmented on it's own!
Go get it before they are all gone!!! 

Mmmmm Lush goodies!

So it was that time to go to Lush and get some goodies! I went with hubby and son on Valentines day and picked out these goodies. Hubby loves Lush too hehe :-) We got  free goodies with our purchases. Hubby got a sample of shaving cream and we also got a star shaped soap as well as a limited edition bomb!

Veganese conditioner
Veganese is so light it's meant for those with fine hair. A herbal balance of lavender, rosemary and lemon keep your hair shiny and your scalp toned, while agar infusion (seaweed) moisturizes and softens. It took Lush product inventor Helen Ambrosen a while to come up with a vegan conditioner (it was hard to find an alternative to softening lanolin)

I have to say that I like it even though I wish that it could be more moisturizing. Hubby loves it so we bought it for the two of us, This is our second bottle.

Rehab shampoo
Deep cleanse and moisturize damaged hair with our ultimate strengthening shampoo. Fresh papaya, pineapple, kiwi and mango juices cleanse, peppermint, and rosemary stimulate the scalp and extra virgin olive and jojoba oils moisturize dry, damaged hair. If you've done some naughty things to your hair and it needs a little R&R, treat it with Rehab and once you discover the softness and strength returning, you won't regret it. All you need is a small dollop to wash your hair; it lathers quite well.

I like this one a lot. I love the fresh smell and  you can feel the deep cleansing!
This is our second bottle as well. :-)

I love my Honey soap but they were out of stock so I asked the SA for another great moisturizing bar and she recommended this one.  I used it last night and I loved the smell, it lathers well and it felt smooth, but have to wait and see
how is gonna work with my skin.

Our Figs and Leaves soap smells of ylang ylang blossoms on a spring day just after a fresh rainfall. It has bits of exfoliating fig seeds to stimulate and gently wash away dead skin, and aloe vera extract to soften you up and smooth you out. We only use the finest, quality ingredients in our soaps, so feed your skin something wonderful by washing it with nourishing fig decoction. Your skin will look and feel fantastic.

All of these descriptions  I took them from the Lush website.

What are your fave products from Lush?

One of MakeupByRisa's contest winner!

Hello Guys!
I just wanted to share with you guys that I was part of the 25 winners of MakeupByRisa's 25k contest.
I was not part of the top five lol but that's alright :-D
This is was my entry!

Happy Vday!

Hello guys!

Just a quick post wishing you all of you a very beautiful and blessed Valentines day!

Hubby and I we do not know what we are going to do yet but whatever it is it will be great because we will be together! We've been married for almost seven years!

See ya!

Tagged: 10 things that make me happy

Thanks for tagging me Jen!
Check her blog!

GOD: I have so many reasons to be thankful to Him. He's been by my side
always. He cured me from Cancer and I am just happy to have Him in my life.

Family and Friends: I love my family!! being with them is the most amazing thing!
Being a mother is the most wonderful miracle!!
Friends also make me happy.. I have lots of them over the internet but very few in real life.. it's hard to find true friends.

Singing/ playing instruments: I love singing! I've been singing since I was a little girl but it wasn't until middle school that I started competing in Talent Shows and later on doing it as a living when I was in college. I got my first little piano when I was around 6-8 yeas old.. can't remember well but I loved that gift. I started playing by ear and the song "Lambada" was the first song I learned to play all by myself! I still can play a little bit of piano..I learned to play the guitar thanks to my grandpa! but when he died I stopped playing and picked it up later on when I was in high school. I still sing at my church and play the guitar sometimes.

Makeup: Oh my, what an addiction I have lol!! but it's so worth it. I've gotten to know some great people through this make up passion. I love this art and I just want to keep growing as a make up artist.

The ocean, the sky: I just love to stare at the ocean and sky and watch the waves crash. I usually just contemplate how small we are and how big and amazing is the God that created all of this for us to enjoy!

Chocolate: Yessssssssss my fave dessert ever.. give it to me in an ice cream, in a cake, you name it! just love it :-)

Traveling: I love to travel and get to know other countries. I've traveled to:North Carolina, San Fransisco, LA, New York, Canada, and Paris

Food: I'm a foodie!! I love food and my hubby too. We like to try different things. We are not scared of food!

Scrapbooking: I love doing this even though I end up really tired. It's very time consuming and when I get to it I can spend hours doing it without noticing.

Dancing: I love to dance Salsa!

11 Random Facts About me

11 random facts about me
Hope you guys can know me a little better :-)

  •      I am from Puerto Rico and my first language is Spanish.

  •       I am a singer/ songwriter and I used to make living singing back in my country.

  •        I am a mommy of a 20 months old baby boy and I am in love!

  •       I started with make up while breastfeeding! It would take me an hour to pump milk and I would get bored sometimes just sitting and pumping so I started watching YT videos  until one day I found the how to and style category. The first tutorial I saw was  from Fafinettex3 … because of her I started falling for make up!

  • My fave eye shadow color is purple.

  • I’m a Thyroid Cancer Survivor.. as of today I’m cancer free

  • I have been doing make up only for a year and 2 months and everything I know Is from You Tube gurus! I started knowing nothing!!

  • I’m Christian and I enjoy singing at my church on weekends!

  • I am extremely shy and people confused that and think I am a b#@$%.

  • I am afraid of the dark.

  •  I love fairies.. that’s why I have one tattooed on my arm :0)

A little tip for your lips!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week. Today I come with a little piece of information hehe.
If you own MAC Gladiola lipstick, today I just found the perfect lip liner to go with it!
Rimmel  1000 kisses lip liner in Indian Pink goes so perfect that it is amazing. I bought this lip liner a few weeks ago because I saw Mischievous at YT wearing it with MAC Chatterbox. I loved how the combo looked on her so I decided to buy the liner when I saw that Wallgreens was having a sale. These Rimmel liners go on so smooth and they stay on for while even if I drink! Of course I always apply foundation on my lips to kind of prime them so.. this is it!!.. hope you guys find this useful :-)

Purples and grays

Hi guys!

Today I'll be meeting with my aunt so this is what I'll be wearing. Yes! I know... purple again but I added some
grays and just a little bit of black.


MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
Amazing Concealer
Clinique Blended Face powder

Pandora's primer
MAC Vanilla e/s
MAC Apres ki e/s
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara
#88 black eyeshadow from 88 palette
#30 light purple e/s from 88 palette
2 purples from the Manly 120 palette

MAC /HK Tahitian Sands BP LE
MAC Conjure up

Via Veneto Dazzleglass

10 minutes Smokey!

Yes, I said 10 minutes instead of 5 because I can never do my eyes in 5 minutes!! This is kind of a tutorial. I'm taking baby steps into this tutorial world. It's more of a written tutorial even though I included some images. Next one will be better I promise :-)

This a very simple yet pretty Smokey eye that I do when I need to run out the door. Hope you guys enjoy!

Please click on the pictures so you can see them better and larger ;-)

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