Project 365 #17 ( FOTD)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deep truth.. Everyone should have this color :-D IMO

Milk Jumbo pencil
Gray color e/s from Wet and Wild Lust palette
Light gray from Grred palette on inner corners
MAC Deep truth e/s
MAC Blanc type e/s
MAC Smolder
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
2 blues from 88 palete: #16 and #17
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara

MAC Springshine Ombre
MAC Peachykeen

Rimmel Birthday suit

*Click to enlarge*

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  1. Waou, this look makes your eyes really mysterious! Love it:)
    Deep truth is so beautiful, I've got it, but I don't use it as much as I have to :(
    You are gorgeous ;

  2. Thanks hun! I sure felt sexy with this today I have to admit lol. Well, you gotta use it, so go do a FOTD now!! haha

  3. You look fabulous!
    I haven't used deep truth in a long time. What did you use on your brow bone?

  4. Thanks Emy, My current fave, Blanc Type! I'm gonna post what I used in this post.. ;-)

  5. Deep Truth is so gorgeous on you! I cannot get it to look that good.

  6. Oh wow, this shade looks pretty good on you!!! And again ;D - I love your eyebrows! The whole makeup brings out your features so well!!!

  7. Thanks Susi! I love how my eyebrows look now too! I struggled but I finally learned how to shape them myself. I used to go salons to get them done but I was never satisfied. Take care sweety!


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