Our new member.. Percy!

I am one year old.
I like to play a lot!
I follow my mommy everywhere
I'm such a cutie dog :D
He's been with us for a trial period and so far we think we are 
going to keep him.
He's very well behaved :)

Happy Easter.. Happy Empty Tomb :)

Hello guys!
Today was a great day. We head to church in the morning and the service was great!
I love how my pastor said Happy Empty Tomb!
And he is so right.. today is a day to celebrate the resurrection of our Jesus :-)
Worship time was awesome, the songs were so beautiful!
I was a little sad that I could not sing this weekend.

I gave my life to Christ 6 years ago and it has been the best decision ever.
He is always there, always listening, always a father...

After church we head with our new member of the family to the park
and now were are home resting ;-)
Pics of the new member coming soon!

Click to enlarge

Fully Beatable look ;-)

Hello lovelies!
I saw this look from Fully Beatable and just fell in love with the color combo :)
I only had one of the colors she used, MAC Naked p/g so I had to improvise with what I had.
The pictures are bla...but hope u guys enjoy anyways!
..and Beverly if you read this.. thanks for the inspiration!!! :D

Click to Enlarge so you can see better !!!!

Clinique Turnaround serum
Moisture Surge Moisturizer and  Origins Zero oil Moisturizer
Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation in Fresh Honey
Clinique Blended face powder

MAC/ Hello Kitty Fun and games 
MAC Nuance
Bobbi Brown concealer under brows
NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk
MAC Naked pigment on lid and tearduct area
MAC Winkle e/s on middle of the lid
MAC Coral e/s on bottom lashline
MAC Blanc Type e/s as highlight
UD Naked e/s above crease 
UD Darkhorse e/s on crease and above
UD Hustle e/s on crease
Clinique black gel lineron upper lashline
MAC Smolder khol pencil on waterline
Ardell lashes, natural
Anastasia Brow Exrpress kit

MAC Ravishing l/s

Violetta you are so pretty :)

Hi guys!
I've been in a purple mood for a while lol
But who can resist to such a pretty color :D
I am entering to  the last week of Bonus time at my counter and
I am soo looking forward to it lol
It's been so intense!!
On another note here I am wearing my MAC Violetta lipstick!!!
I am so happy to be the owner of such a gorgeous color.
If you do not have it.. please go get it!!
Have a great week.. Easter is coming
and there is so much to be thankful about :)

On to the look

NYX Jumbo pencil in Purple
Light purple shadow from Clinique Plum Seduction palette + bottom lashline
Darkest purple from Clinique Come O Heather trio + bottom lash line
Light/ icy lavender shadow from Clinique Black Berry bloom on tearduct area
UD Naked e/s above crease
UD creep e/s to deepen crease
MAC Blanc Type e/s as highlight
MAC Smolder eye khol on waterline
Ardell Natural lashes
Clinique Bottom lash mascara
Clinique High Impact mascara
Anastacia brow kit express

MAC Amazon Princess LE

NYX Deep purple l/l
MAC Violetta l/s
Clinique Kissyfit l/g

Irregular shoes!

I found out about this website yesterday and I am in love with so many different shoes and bags!!
They are all so unique and I can not wait to buy some :D

These are some of my fave styles:

Look at the kitty design! So adorable :)

There is something about polka dots that always attracts me!
 When I saw this pair my jaw just dropped!
The detail on the heel and the front of the shoe is too gorgeous.
I love the vintage feel on this one...

Ok that little monkey hanging on the heel is just too cute!!

If you like what you see you can go here



Hello ladies!
Today I come with a rant! LOL
When I ran out of my beloved MAC Cremestick lip liner in Lush- N- Lilac I knew I was in trouble.
It was the perfect purple color for me.
I remembered I purchased it in a CCO ( Cosmetic Company store) like around a year ago.
I have tried vivising my nearest CCO as well as the ones located in Orlando FL when I go visit and no luck :(
I have also tried to find a dupe and I have been very unsuccessful.

I need your help!!

If you guys know about a good dupe for this liner I would aprecciate if you can let me know in a comment!
Also, if you happen to know if there is a counter or CCO with this liner in stock where you live please buy it for me and we can make arrangementes so I can pay you back!!

I am really desperate lol.. 

These are some looks I did sporting this wonderful lip liner:

15 most reached products tag!

I saw this on JT Artistry  and decided to give it a go. 
I tag everyone who wants to do this! It's fun. 
Please link me to your post if you decide to do it because I'd love to read yours.

Urban decay primer potion
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Urban Decay Naked palette
Clinique Moisture Surge
Clinique All about lips
Clinique Turnaround Concentrate
Clinique Bottom Lash mascara
NYX Jumbo pencil in milk
MAC Vanilla pigment
Clinique Peacock e/s
MAC Amazon Princess blush
Ardell Glamour lashes
Sigma MAC dupe 219 brush
MAC 217 brush
Anastasia Brow express kit

Another look using peacock!
I just love this shadow :D
Today started Bonus time so it was crazy!!!
I'm so tired but I have to recharge my batteries
'cause tomorrow
is another day!

Clinique Moisture Surge
Chanel Matte Lumiere
Clinique Blended face powder

Bobbi Brown concealer under brows
Anastasia Brow Express kit
Clinique Peacock e/s on lid and lower lash line
MAC Shimmermoss e/s on tear duct area
UD Sin e/s as highlight
UD Naked e/s above the crease blending color
A mix of UD Dark Horse and Hustle shadows on outer corners and crease area
Clinique High Impact mascara
Cliniqur Gel liner in black
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Ardell Glamour lashes

MAC Peachykeen 

Elizabeth Arden Vivid Pink
Clinique Raspeberry glace l/s
Clinique Kissyfit l/g

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