Project 365 #2

Thursday, May 06, 2010

My Son is turning 2 this Saturday!
These are some of the goodies for his Bday! Still gotta buy some other stuff..
We are doing something small though with closer friends.
The party  is going to be on the 15th since we could not find an available pavillion at the park for the 8th.

My son loves Trucks, motorcycles, and construction machines hehe so we decided to go with this theme. We even bought the little construction worker hat! We are very excited to celebrate. Me.. I'm kind of nostalgic.. I'm losing the baby and I'm getting a big boy, and even tough I know that every stage has it's beauty, I so miss the little baby in my hands :-)

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  1. What a sweet post for your son!:D Advance Happy Birthday to him!!!:D

    Happy Thursday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Thanks Marie! Happy Thursday to you too! :D

  3. Gosh! You're such a sweet mom!!! This might be his best day ;D

  4. I feel that way too. My son is also turning 2 in November and its crazy how much of an actual little person he is. I can still remember holding him and feeding him his bottle. I miss that. But this stage is just as fun with more sleep :)
    Looks like you have a FUN party coming up!

  5. Que lindo! Espero que la pasen bien!

  6. Oh this is so cute^^
    You are a sweet mum xoxo
    He's gonna be happy XD

  7. I stopped by your blog a few times, you have a very unique look and your very pretty! My daugher's 1st birthday was yesterday and because of some weekend plans I'm going her birthday on the 15th too! I love the theme your going with. I now have someone out there who will be praying for good weather on the same day too =)


  8. Hi B! thanks for passing by and for your lovely comment :-)
    How cool! same day Bdays!! Yess, let's pray together for a gorgeous day so we can celebrate with our little ones :D


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