Pink Overload


Oasap floral skirt c/o- Beadmania Necklace c/o-Forever21 rings and bracelets-Love Culture bag
Chicnova sandals c/o-Forever21 tank top

I've never been a huge fan of pink. When I ordered this skirt from Oasap, even though I saw that it had pink, I decided to give it a try. On the website, it didn't seem like the colors were going to be on the in-your-face side either. When I finally saw it in real life, I did cringed at the super bright colors.

However, in spite of not being uberly excited, I took it as a challenge to embrace the neons! I paired the skirt with a flowy tank and added the boho touch that I can never seem to drift away of. The outfit was pretty comfy and laid back which I usually love.

After we wandered around, we ended up eating at a new bakery at Wynwood! It's called Zak the baker. We ordered a toast with honey butter and a zucchini muffin on the side. Everything was soo delicious, and the rustic vibe and fresh flowers on the table made the place a very cozy one. They make their own bread also, so it's nice to have a new place to visit besides Panther Cafe which is our fave place. If you wanna see the food I got, go to my Instagram!

Hope you guys enjoyed this look!
Are you guys embracing neon?

Quick FOTD: Fresh Natural look (Naked 3)

Hi guys!
Today I wanted to share  a quick face of the day. This is a look that I have been doing a lot lately. It's easy to throw on and it gives a fresh natural look, perfect for summertime!
 I used some new products that I added to my stash recently  and I am enjoying them so much! 

After giving it some thought I got a couple of weeks ago the Naked 3 palette and no regrets here!. It is such a great palette.I love the pink and mauve tones. Also, since they've gotten so much hype, I decided to give the NYX butterglosses a try and Oh my! love love love. I bought the shade Tiramisu and it is such a pretty nude that does not wash me out. I love the texture and definitely need more colors!
Hope you guys enjoy this quick FOTD and give this look a try.

Naked 3 palette: 
Limit on lid
Nooner on Crease and Bottom lashline
Darkside on outer corners (just a little)
Strange on browbone
Virgin on inner corners (Naked original)
NYX Turquoise retractable liner on waterline
L'oreal Telescopic liquid eye liner
L'oreal Telescopic mascara
ELF Brown gel liner for brows
Vanilla pigment as a highligh on cheekbones
bridge of the nose and cupids bow

Clinique Stay Matte foundation
Maybelline Fit me concealer
Maybelline Dream Wonder powder

Bare Minerals The High Dive
The Balm Fratboy blush

NYX Ever lip pencil
Make up Forever #9
NYX Buttergloss in Tiramisu

The Kylie Jenner lip

I am pretty sure you guys have heard about "the Kylie Jenner lip".When I first saw nikkie's tutorial version of this lip combo, I immediately fell in love since I have always been a fan of that kind of brown-nude. 

I remember back in high school, there was this lip trend of wearing brown lipstick, and my favorite at the time was Clinique's Butterscotch. It was pretty much the only lip shade I wore! 

Today I wanted to share with you guys some lip combos that I have been sporting inspired on this picture, as well as other combos that I would love to try!

NYX lip liner in Ever with NYX buttergloss in Tiramisu
NYX lip liner in Mauve with Maybelline Stormy Sahara
MAC Captive lipstick with MAC Oyster girl
MAC Strip Down lip liner with MAC Yash lipstick
Urban Decay liar with Urban Decay Naked lipgloss

Here are some options where you can achieve a pretty close version of her lips. 
Some combos are a bit darker than others.
I hope you guys give these a try and let me know down below what's your fave
 Kiley Jenner inspired lip combo!


I don't know if you guys remember about Gypsan... so, here's a friendly reminder!
This store has gotten soooo good. I had the chance to collaborate with the brand when they were sort of starting and i'ts been very exciting to see this store blossoming. You guys need to check them out!

Their clothes are right in my alley. Boho vibes, beautiful touches of romance, and a bit of edge as well.
Here are some of the items that I am absolutely loving!

Which one is your fave?

The Reason for my absence

Hello my loves.
I'm sorry I kind of disappeared for a while. I know two weeks in the blogging world can seem like an
eternity. On mother's day, when I called my mom to congratulate her, I stumbled with the sad news that my grandma was very ill in the hospital. My husband didn't hesitate and bought me a ticket so I could go.

For the past two weeks I took care of her almost every day, and slept by her side most nights as well. My mom is bound to a wheelchair so she needed lots of help and I was glad to be there for them.
It was definitely a roller coaster. One day she would feel better and the other she wouldn't.

Last Thursday, I came back home and she was still hospitalized, so my homecoming was bittersweet.

However, yesterday my mom called to tell me that she was out and feeling so much better so I am so relieved and thankful that God heard all of our prayers.
The picture above was taken on my last day in Puerto Rico. I put a little bit of make up to lift up her spirits
and it worked! She was smiling and after that it was all for the better.

This trip moved some knobs in my heart and came back home with a different mindset. I had the opportunity to put in practice selflesness, compassion, among other things. I am not going to be blogging yet, since I am still in the process of recovering physically and mentally. Those two weeks were pretty intense. I did wanted to let you guys know, and I'll be talking to you soon.

Have a beautiful Tuesday

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