August faves!

I don’t do this very often but I felt like doing this kind of post.
I wanna share with you guys my August faves!

Picture belongs to  bubblegarm   

MAC Made with love
This is my go- to lipstick. If I am not doing my eyes, and I am going for a quick look, this is the one I use since it is such a beautiful shade of coral.  This lipstick was part of the Color Craft collection and  it was a limited edition though, sorry guys!

MAC Fun and games
This blush came with the collaboration of MAC and Hello Kitty. I really love this one! It is a peachy slightly shimmery blush. It is not super pigmented so I need to pack it on but when it shows, it is a dream!
I love to pair this blush with Made with Love.
Picture belongs to  amabilia
MAC Smoke and Mirrors e/s
I have been using Maybelline define a brow  pencil to fill in my brows and I still love it but I one day I decided to try a shadow instead and I used the shadow called Smoke and Mirrors (medium brown in the palette) from the MAC Smoke and Mirrors palette. I am liking a lot so far so now depending on my mood I use either the Maybelline pencil or this shadow or both!

Bobbi Brown concealer
I like this one to get that clean and defined brow look! I also love how my highlight  color pops even more.

Ardell Wispies
 Since I decided to cut my lashes and make them more into accents I’ve been loving it!
I’m sure you guys have noticed that I have been using these a lot. I really like how natural they look.
I think lashes are very important since they complete the eye make up. My lashes get lost as soon as I apply my upper eye liner  so using false lashes on my outer corners is something that  I have been enjoying.

 Clinique Stay Matte powder
I always keep coming back to this one. This powder does not break me out and it's really good to use for toch ups. This time I got a shade called invisible and it's supposed to work on all skin tones. I am loving it!

Well these are my faves!
Thanks for reading and commenting loves :-)

Eyebrow definition: quick tip!

Hello lovelies :-)
Today I want to share a quick tip for eye brows!
This is something that I've known for a while
but for some reason did not try. 
I was watching a tutorial last night on YT and this girl was doing it so I wanted to try it finally.

I think most of us are obsessed with eyebrows. I know I am,.. lately
I used to wax them before because eye brows was not my thing.
Getting them waxed though was always a hit or miss thing since some people
would not do them the way I liked.
It is also quite expensive, so one day I decided to wax them for the last time and maintain them myself. 
It's was hard at first but I learned .
I've been loving really defined eyebrows and the tip that I am going to share is
to help your eye brows look more defined.

I haven't been using my bobbi brown concealer since I didnt like it. 
It's been sitting in my traincase so today I decided to use it for this.

I took an angled brush, dip it inside de concealer and got a tiny amount on the bristles. 
With this concealer, a little bit goes a long way!
Then I started basically drawing a line starting from the inside of the brow all the way to the tail.
I did the same on top of the brow as well and then I blended the lines.
I really liked the result!
I got a very clean, defined brow.
This also helped my highlight to pop even more!
Prior of this, I had my brows filled in.

I'm sure some of you will know about this, but I am posting anyways just in case someone doesn't know, 
or maybe knows, but haven't been motivated to do it :)

The creamy Bobbi Brown concealer really worked like a dream to do this.

Hope this helps someone!
Have a great Tuesday :-)

Urban Decay finally heard us!

I found out yesterday through  Pursebuzz on you tube that Urban Decay
finally heard us and there is a primer potion in a tube!

They call it a professional size and it comes with .85 oz of product. 
Unfortunately it is a limited edition! I know! Booooo!!!!
It should be permanent, but there is a buzz going that for the fall / winter the'll have the tube available  in a smaller size.
I think I will be buying this baby soon!

You can find this at Sephora and it retails for $29
If you are an UDPP lover
then run to get yours before it's all gone :D
Here is the link:

Blue Big Bow

Oh my goodness!
Taking my make up pics today was a complete nightmare! lol  I guess my hand was too shaky and almost all of the pics came out blurry even the ones with eyes closed grrrrr
Today I wore this forever 21 dress for the 1st time!
I love the huge bow on the front :D

but I thought better some pics that nothing right?
So here we go!

MAC Texture e/s all over the lid up to the crease
MAC Deep truth and MAC PLumage e/s on outer corners blended up to the crease and also on lower lashline
MAC Winkle e/s just a little on top of deep truth and also on the lower lashline
MAC Naked pigment on lid, on top of the texture e/s and inner corners
MAC Modest tone e/s as highlight
Upper liner: a mix of MAC Deep Truth and MAC PLumage
MAC Smolder eye pencil on waterline
Buxom Mascara
Maybelline Define a brow pencil
Ardell Wispies

Springshine Ombre

MAC Nice Mix up l/g

Off to sing!
Have a great weekend!!


I am really happy to know that 200 people like to log in on blogger and pass through my page at some point of the day!
I love this blog comunnity and as I have said before, I love to interact with other people and other cultures. It's amazing how make up can put people together no matter the nationality or color. 
We all love it and express it in so many different ways!
That's why I also love to log in and go through all kinds of blogs. 
I can always get inspired!

Thank you, thank you for your support!!!

Peachy Neutral

Hi guys!
Ok, so let me start saying that this is the kind of make up look that looks great in person but it does not translate well in camera :(
I really tried to get good pics but this is the best I could do. 
I wanted to do something peachy and neutral.
I grabbed one of my Wet and Wild palettes as well as
Naked pigment since is one of my favorites!

Hope you guys like it!

Trying another place/ lighting.. hmmmm :p

Wet and Wil palette:
1st color on 1st left row on lid
2nd color on 1st row on outer corners and lower lashline
MAC Paradisco e/s above crease
MAC Sketch e/s to deepen crease a little and lower lash line
MAC Naked pigment as highlight
MAC Dip down fluidline
Maybelline Define a brow
Ardell Wispies
Buxom mascara

MAC- HK Fun and games

MAC Ravishing l/s

Have a great day!
I'm off to get ready to go out ;-)

Review: Clean and Clear Dual moisturizer

Hello guys!
Today I come with a quick review from one of the Clean & Clear brand products.
Around 2 weeks ago, I ran out of my Loccitane moisturizer. Even though I love it, it's quite pricey. 
I've been looking for a cheaper alternative so I can alternate.

I went to Walgreens and browse all the different moisturizers. I have oily skin, and it is difficult to find a good moisturizer that is not going to make me feel even more greasy.

After browsing for a bit I noticed  the Dual Action moisturizer from Clean & Clear.
It caught my attention that it was a  moisturizer and it had  acne medication to help treat blemishes as well.

This is the drescription on the website:
"Moisturizer combines oil-free moisture with a proven acne-fighting ingredient. It can help to moisturize dry skin while treating and helping to prevent breakouts. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth."

Even though I never have luck with drugstore acne products, because they end up irritating my skin,
  I decided  to give it a try.
So far, I do like a lot!

It  is oil free and it has a 5% of Salicylic Acid and you can tell when you apply it.
You feel like a tingling sensation but it's not bad at all and it goes withing a minute.
I like that my face feels smooth and not greasy.It is a very light weight formula.
My skin absorbs this moisturizer really quick too.
I still want to get my Loccitane moisturizer so I can alternate because I have seen some minimal dry spots, mostly on my chin area.
I have been using this for 3 1/2 weeks with good results.
I am still having little break outs but I think it is because I was using a powder that it was not right for me. I stopped using the powder so now I am just waiting to see what happens.  I do have to say that even though I have been breaking out, I've noticed that the acne heals faster.
I want to add that I am using the New Neutrogena Pink grapefruit cleanser so maybe a combination of using this cleanser and the moisturizer is what is helping my acne heal faster.

The Clean & Clear Dual moisturizer costs: $6.49 for 4 oz
If you have oily-acne prone skin and want a good cheaper moisturizer alternative give it a try!
See ya lovelies <3

URBAN OUTFITTERS Housewife dress for sale on ebay!

Hello lovelies!
I just wanted to let you know that I am selling this dress on ebay.
It is a gorgeous dress but it's not fittin me right on the chest area. Buttons look forced and that is not flattering! lol
The dress is in like new condition, I used around 7 times

For the ones interested, this is the link:

Happy Monday <3
This is the pic I posted on ebay, it's not that I wanted to cover my face from you guys! lol

MAC Dare To Wear FOTD

Hello guys!
This is the look I wore today to go singing.
I used one of the shadows from the MAC Dare to Wear collection.
This one is all about bright and fun colors!
I first saw Winkle e/s on a FOTD from Shadowy Lady and I fell in love with the color.
When I found out that MAC was going to repromote this color I got really excited!

I bought it around 2 weeks ago and I am loving this shadow to pieces ;-)
It is a gorgeous shade of blue. Bright, but wearable at the same time.
It is a Satin finish and very pigmented, a dream to work with!
Easy to blend.
I highly recommend this color as I think that it is pretty unique.
For the lips, I picked a lipstick that is quite hard/ tricky to pull off.
I'm talking about MAC Siss /ls.
It is a beige nude and I love it a lot.
At first, I applied it on it's own but I didn't dare to wear it! lol
So I added on top of it  a light layer of MAC Ravishing l/s
It looks quite nude still and I look very different but I liked the result.
Hope you guys enjoy this look!
Lighting was a little crazy and It was windy so excused the little messy hairs :D
Let me know what you think :)

MAC Winkle e/s in lid- inner corners- bottom lashline
MAC Deep Truth e/s on outer corners- crease-bottom lashline
MAC Stately black to deepen outer corners and bottom lash line
MAC Vanilla e/s as a highlight
Random medium brown color above the crease
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Buxom Mascara
Ardell Wispies 
Maybelline Define a brow pencil
MAC- HK Fun and games 

A full application of MAC Siss l/s
A light application of MAC Ravishing l/s on top


Romping and Styling

Hi guys!
Happy Friday :D
I'm looking forward to this one so bad! 
Today I picked up some colors that I just forgot all about them. 
I'm sure this is something that happens to all of us.
This time, was Romping and Styling from MAC's HK collection
These 2 shadows are so pretty in my opinion, and they go so well together!
I haven't been using lipglasses this summer since it's too hot but today, I knew I was going to be in the mall with some good AC so I did!

This came a little washed out.. oh well... :D

MAC Paradisco e/s on lid and inner corners
MAC Romping e/s above the crease and on bottom lash line blending it with Styling e/s
MAC Styling e/s on outer corners, slightly blended on the crease and on the bottom lash line as well.
MAC Stately black e/s to deepen crease and bottom lash line
MAC Yougurt e/s as a highlight
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Maybelline Define a brow
Buxom Mascara
Ardell Wispies cut in half

MAC Too Dolly

MAC Electric Fuschia l/g

Enjoy the weekend! <3

Glamour Doll and Urban decay

Hi guys!
How's your Wednesday going?
Today I was going to do some errands so I wanted to do an easy, simple, but with some fun to it make up!
A neutral look with some pop of color on the lower lashline is my go to make up when
I want to have some color.
I love to pick up my Urban Decay Deluxe palette to do neutral looks.
The shadows are so shimmery and beautiful that they add something special.
Shag is a gorgeous peachy nude shadow and I love to use it as an all over lid color. I think it gives the prettiest glow to the eyes!
I also picked up my Glamour Doll Immature e/s to use on the bottom lashline and it is such a beautiful color,
an aqua shade, very mermaid looking.
I hope you guys enjoy this look and have a great day/ night!

Flesh tone eyeshadow from MAC Smokey Mirrors Palette above the crease up to the brow bone
UD Shag e/s all over the lid blending upwards with the flesh tone shadow
Vanilla shade eye shadow from same MAC palette along the arch of the brow for more definition
Glamour Doll Immature e/s on loverlashline
MAC White frost e/s on inner corners
Ardell Wispies
Rimmel Mascara
Maybelline Define a brow pencil

Fun and games
If you know a pigmented dupe for this one let me know!

A light layer of MAC Ravishing l/s
A light layer of MAC Beachbound l/s on top

Hitting Pan celebration! + Falsies

Hello guys!
Today I hit pan  for the first time ever. Who is the lucky one? MAC Beautiful Iris!!!
I think you guys knos already how much I love this shadow. I think it is a must have in anyone's collection hehe.

Today I gave falsies a try but this time I cut them by myself since I can not put on a full set no matter what!
What do you guys think? Be honest!  lol

This time I was successful putting them on using half pairs so I think you guys are gonna see more falsies from now on :-)

Clean and Clear moisturizer
MAC Studio Sulpt
Clinique Loose powder
No concealer

 Eden UDPP
MAC Modest tone e/s as a highlight
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s above crease
MAC Naked pigment on lid, inner corners , bottom lashline
Wet and Wild lust palette:  medium gray e/s on crease, outer corners. bottom lashline
NYX Jumbo pencil in black for upper lashline and waterline
Ardell Wispies cut in half
Maybelline Define a Brow pencil

MAC Peachykeen

MAC Icescape l/g



I opened an account in chictopia I think last month. 
I really love to go there and get inspired by others outfits. If you are in chictopia let me know below!
Friend me if you want :D

Almost 200 :)

Hi guys!
I recently noticed that I am close to 200 followers. I feel very humble and happy :)
I have met such great people through this blog community and I just love to interact with all of you that share this passion of make up!
Thanks to the new followers and for the ones that have been for quite some time too.

88 Shimmer palette

Hi guys!
Today I wanted to use my 88 shimmer palette since I have neglected it for quite some time!
I kind of broke one rule today but it's ok hehe
All of my colors are shimmery, even the highlight :D
I was going out to a 100  weather but I still wanted to put some make up on since I was going to meet my hubby for lunch so I did this shimmery look using again pastel shades in green- pink- gold

I also skipped the upper liner, some times I like to do this because when I put my mascara I can see my lashes!
I really liked it because I think these colors make me look fresh
Hope you guys like this one ;-)

NYX Jumbo pencil in milk
88 shimmer palette shown in pictures
green ( lid)
pink ( lid and lower lashline)
Vanilla (highlight)
 120 Manly palette
gold ( above crease)
Darker pink ( outer corners and lower lashline)
Buxom Mascara
Stila Topaz eye liner ( waterline)
Maybelline Define a brow

MAC Peachykeen

MAC Chatterbox

 Headband Forever 21
Bird Necklace Forever 21
Top H&M

Glamour Doll Eyes Review

As I mentioned in another post, I was sent 6 shadows to do a review.
The owner Vee is very sweet and our communication through email was great!
Shipping was fast and got my items in great condition.
Along with the shadows I recieved a mini look book which comes with pictures of different make up looks. Also, I got a sticker from the company as well as a business card.
After using these shadows, these are my thoughts!

·         *Shadows are very pigmented! Like  with any other loose shadow, you preferably need to use a mixing medium in order for the colors to be vibrant. I used MAC Fix +

·       *  Shadows are very fine milled and soft, therefore easy to blend! The only color that gave me some trouble with blending was Ahoy Sailor. This shade has a matte finish.

·         *Good staying power.  Please have in mind that this is going to depend on what primer you use. I used Urban Decay Primer potion.

*Packaging is nice and simple. It has a sticker with the company’s logo and the name of the shadow on the lid. I actually prefer this to have the name written in the bottom.

*Variety of colors.

*Fall out, but this is very typical when talking about loose shadows. I do have to say that I experienced very little fall out comparing these shadows to the MAC mineralize duos.

*No sifters

Overall I really loved these shadows and I will buy from Glamour Doll!
From the six colors I received my faves are:

 Ahoy Sailor
 Lovers Lane
If you wanna get some Glamour doll you can use this coupon code:
This coupon is good for a 10% off on any orders $10 or more!

 Coupon code expires on 10.30.2010 

The coupon is not valid for the look book collection, insurance, glamour gloss, or collections

The site is currently down but it will be back in September!


Applied dry
From Top to bottom: Island Chic- Chocoholic-Immature- Ahoy Sailor-Tattoed
The lonely swatch to the right is Lovers lane

Applied with MAC Fix +
FRom top to bottom: Chocoholic- Lovers Lane-Tattoed-Ahoy Sailor-Immature- Island Chic

Hope you guys enjoyed this review!
I already have some FOTDS featuring these shadows
Lovers Lane
and more to come!

Pastels and OOTD!

I did this bright yet subtle look to go to the Cypress Grove park located in Orlando. 
The park is so beautiful and relaxing.
I picked my beloved Lucky Tom- Hello Kitty palette.

 MAC-Hello Kitty palette:
Creme Royal e/s
Pardisco e/s
Beautiful Iris e/s
NYX Jumbo pencil in black for waterline
Clinique gel liner for upper lash line
Buxom Mascara
Maybelline Define a Brow

MAC Springshine Ombre LE
MAC Fun and Games

 MAC Ravishing l/s


Anthropologie purple top ( Summer 2009)
 Mandee Owl Necklace ( Summer 2010)
Urban Outfitters Cuff  ( old)
Elle- Kohls handbag ( Summer 2010)
 Francesca's Wrap Skirt ( Summer 2010)
 Marshall Sandals ( Summer 2010)

Quick and easy Smokey eye with drugstore make up!

I've been MIA too long! 
My dad came to visit me, so I stayed in Orlando for a whole week!
I had a great time with him and he had the chance to have some quality time with his grandson :D

This is what I wore to go see him the first day ;-)
I picked up my Wet and Wild Color Icon palette.
I think this palette is great for the price. Colors are very pigmented!
I even would dare to say that there is a good dupe for MAC Smoke and Diamonds e/s on the Lust palette.
Aa a matter of fact, this is the main color that I used for this look!

NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk
Wet and Wild Lust palette:
Gray-Vanilla- Medium purple
Maybelline Define a Brow
NYX Jumbo pencil in Black for upper and lower lash line
Buxom Mascara

MAC Conjure up LE

 A light application of MAC Up the amp

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