Electric Fuschia FOTD and Swatches!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh my! I'm in love with this lipglass from the Spring Color Forecast Collection. I did not buy it the day of the event and I was kind of regretting it.. but since I was not very happy with the Oak lip pencil I bought, I decided to go to the store and make an exchange. When I got there I was between Gaga l/s, Color me Coral l/s, and Electric Fuschia l/g. It was hard to make a decision since all of them are pretty. Since Gaga l/s will be around for 12 months I passed on that one. Color me coral was pretty but Electric Fuschia won! I'm so glad I did because it's selling out quick. I was actually the last person to buy the last one at the MAC store.


Pandora's Primer
MAC Vanilla
MAC Yogurt
MAC Stately Black
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Smolder eye khol
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara
Light and dark pink shadows from 88 and 120 palette

MAC Dollymix
MAC Nuance

MAC Gladiola
MAC Electric Fuschia LE

MAC Electric Fucshia

MAC Electric Fuschia
MAC- Hello Kitty Fast Friends

(From left to right)
MAC Fast Friends
MAC Electric Fuschia

(From to top to bottom)
MAC/HK Fast Friends
MAC Electric Fuschia
As you can see even though they look kind of similar 
Electric Fuschia has tons of blue reflects and
they look absolutely gorgeous!
The blue reflects on Fast friends are not that noticeable.
Also, Fast friends is a very sheer gloss.
Electric Fuschia is super pigmented on it's own!
Go get it before they are all gone!!! 

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  1. Such a pretty look! That lipgloss is on my list, it just looks so gorgeous

  2. yes girl! get it!! it's one of those must haves for sure :-) and thanks!

  3. I love Electric Fuchsia too! It looks gorgeous on you :)

  4. WHat a great look! What color did you use as a highlight?

  5. oh wow, that is very pretty. I think I may get it tomorrow. Í also want true babe lipglass from the riveting collection. HMmm i really should stop myself from going there but I have some exchanges to make too :)

  6. Electric Fuschia is really pretty. I had overlooked it previously, as I was scared of the glitter but it looks so good!

  7. @ Jo- Thanks and yeah, True babe is also very pretty I imagine that on top of Show Irchid is gonna look awesome!

    @Gold Dusk- the glitters look great! :-)


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