Hubby's Bday pics

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well this month I've had the word Bday a gazillion times here in this blog! lol
First my son, and now hubby.
Today mother in law arranged a simple surprise gathering to sing Happy Bday to him..
The official day si tomorrow so we'll se what he wants to do.
Me.. I wanna go shopping! lol
Lots of sales thanks to Memorial day! haha

Here are the pics!

The cake

Nephews and my father in law

You look great babe!

Lol at my son!

He got a little emotional but held it together lol

Another blessed year!

The cake was gooood ;-)
This is our niece

Team CF ;D


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  1. HBD XD, my fathers name is Jose as well loool
    The cake looks miam miam

  2. Great pics! You have a nice family, God bless :)

  3. Thanks Liloo and The Beautifier!

  4. The team!!! :D Cutest team ever!!! Lovely pictures =) Happy birthday to your hubby!!!

  5. aww you guys look gorgeous together. Happy birthday to your hubby and may u celebrate many more birthdays together :)

  6. How fun! You two look so cute, you make the best couple! Glad you guys had a good time :)


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