CLINIQUE: Even Better Dark Spot Corrector Update and Review

Yesterday I went to my second training of the season
and I always enjoyed them very much.
Aside of getting goodies, which is always awesome,
I just love to be reminded how amazing
the brand is and get to know more about future products.
Clinique has been coming out with amazing treatments to
address different
Dermatological concerns and we are getting on the top!

The number #1 product right now in the line is the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot corrector.
What it is: A clinically proven Serum that reduces dark spots and discoloration in the skin
How?: With a patent pending CL-302 formula, plant extracts, and a potent Vitamin C derivative
delivers a clinical strength to reduce dark spots and discoloration. 

Uneven skin tone and dark spots in the skin is a big concern among women and we were the first ones to came out with a solution a year and a half ago. Still as of today, customers are returning for more!
I started to use the product on February 2011, and as a user myself I have to say that this product is truly amazing! I have seen a huge improvement in my spot and overall skin tone due to acne
and I cannot be any happier with the results I have gotten so far. 

I am starting my second bottle (1oz), so I still need to use a third one to achieve a 58% of improvement. However, we have now a bigger size (1.7 oz) and with two of these bottles 
you can complete the treatment as well.
After completing the 12 weeks, you have to keep using the product for maintenance.

Some people get a little discouraged when I tell them it takes a commitment of 12 weeks.
But the reality is, that the spots did not come overnight!  It is something that took months even years to develop, so it is very important to be patient and consistent with the treatment.  
The repairing process starts from underneath the skin up to the first layer of skin so 
that’s why it takes a little longer to see results. 
The key steps that this product does are:
* Slows production of melanin
*Scatters away the accumulated pigmentation
*Sheds skins ( no visible shedding/ flaking though)

The Even Better Serum can be used twice a day, it is and oil free, light weight serum
so all skin types can use it.
Also, because we are 100% fragrance free and allergy tested,
the chances of getting a reaction is minimal.

You need to apply this serum after doing the Clinique 3 step or if you are using
another brand skin care, you just have to apply this after you wash and/ or tone.

 Before applying your moisturizer, you can apply the Even Better serum all over your skin, 
not just on the spot since it helps with the overall skin tone thanks to it's exfoliation properties.
The texture is amazing and the skin feels so silky!

Sun protection is a must when using this product so it can do it's job at it's best. 
Sometimes we think that because we are most of the day indoors or because we work in a mall or office, 
we do not need sun protection. Well…wrong!

Even if you go out to the car, and then you get in the car to the mall, you ARE being exposed to UV rays which mean that even if you had a 10 minutes ride, you got 10 minutes of sun UV rays. 
Even if you apply the Even Better, because you are not protecting  your skin, the rays will be much likely to go down deep in your skin and make you produce more melanin= sun damage= more spots, not good right?

Even though the Even Better is like a little magic wand that is going to erase those dark spots
you are not happy about, this product is NOT going to moisturize your skin. 
That is why we recommend the Even Better Moisturizer with SPF 20. This is like having 2 products in one. 
It has some of the components of the serum, repairs the moisture barrier of the skin, 
and it protects you from the sun damage. 

Now since I already told you that this treatment requires a commitment of 12 weeks,
if you want to add an instant result to your dark spots, that’s 
when the Even Better Foundation with SPF 15 comes to the rescue. 
All of our Clinique foundations have treatment, they are not JUST make up
and that is what makes us different from other lines.

The Even Better foundation gives you an 80% of immediate even skin and the spots look less noticeable. 
This is definitely a great option, since it gives you an immediate fix while the other
products are working underneath your skin!

The Even Better Clinical Dark spot corrector retails for $49.50  for 1oz
and $73 for  1.7oz
I highly recommend this product if you have dark spots due to sun damage, hormonal change, 
and acne marks. 
If you were BORN with discoloration or freckles, the product is NOT going to work for you.
I hope this review was helpful!
Take care  and stop by your favorite Clinique counter and try it out!

Tropical Blues

Last night browsing through some pictures on Google I found this beautiful
eye combo with Blues and greens.
Today I had that picture in my mind and I could not help to try the colors  :)

Clinique Even Better  Dark Spot Corrector
Clinique Pore refining Solutions
Dermablend Smooth Indulgence foundation
Shiseido Sheer Mattifying powder


MAC Springshine e/s
MAC Bite of an apple

NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk
Pandora'sBox Moss Mouse e/s on lid and lower lashline
Pandora's box French Vanilla e/s as a highlight
MAC Sweet and Punchy on inner corners
Matte Yellow-green shade from 88 palette above crease
Shimmery Blue from 88 palette
MAC Prussian e/s to darken crease
MAC Midnight Blues gel liner
Clinique High Impact Mascara

Elizabeth Arden l/l forgot name
MAC Made with Love

Purple and Terracota

This is what I did on Saturday and I really like the purple with this kind of terracota shade.
Both shadows are from Inglot and of course I love them to bits!!
This was taken more than 8 hours later so no eyes closed pic.
 My make up creased a bit that day.. it was really hot in the store :/

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus
Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector
Clinique Pore Refining Serum
Dermablend Smooth Indulgence foundation
Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Powder

Clinique Cupid

Inglot #334 on lid and lower lash line
Inglot #335 on crease and lower lash line
MAC Off Beige shadow from Smoke and Mirrors palette as highlight
MAC Texture e/s above the crease (blending-transition color)
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s on tearduct area
Clinique Black Gel liner
Clinique High Impact Mascara
Clinique Bottom Lash mascara
MAC Smolder eye kohl pencil
Ardell Wispies
Anastasia Brow Express kit

MAC Up the Amp l/s
MAC Via Veneto l/g LE

"Theres nothing wrong with repeats"

Everyday I love to try something different as my make up goes. 
However, there is a look that I love and do very often and is this one right here!
Teal is a color that I absolutely love and I usually get compliments when I wear it.
The lips usually vary from coral, nudes to this bright pink that I adore: MAC Show Orchid.

This is what I wore to church today.
After 7 months i'm back singing and I had a blast!!

Kiehls Ultra Oil free lotion ( trying a sample)
Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot corrector
Smashbox primer
Dermablend Smooth Indulgence in Wheat
Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Powder O80

MAC Amazon Princess 

Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer under brows
NYX Jumbp pencil in Milk
Clinique Peacock e/s on lid and lower lash line
A blend of MAC To Dolly and Aquadisiac above the crease
MAC Shimmer moss e/s on tear duct area
MAC Vanilla e/s as highlight
MAC Humid and Plumage e/s on outer corners to deepen crease
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Clinique Black gel liner
Anastasia Brow Express kit
Ardell Wispies

Elizabeth Arden Viviv Pink l/l
MAC Show Orchid l/s

Out of my Comfort zone

I've been using my Ardell wispies for a long time so yesterday went I went to Sallys,
bought the same pair but I got as well some Ardell 118's and  I really like them!
They are a little more dramatic :)


Hi guys!
Maybe you already know about this website but I didn't!
Lots of absolutely gorgeous jewelry.
I am so going to bookmark this :D
Only today you can buy  a piece for $29.99 and free shipping!

Go here:

Review: Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Powder Foundation

 Shiseido was a brand that I never felt attracted to. 
I really do not know exactly why but I just never payed attention to it.
 A few months ago, I started to look into it  more since one of my lovely
friends got a full time position there.
Little by little I have to say that I am getting more interested in the brand.
Their cream shadows are just lovely ( I did a review recently on them)
and the make up that I am wearing in these pictures?
Well I am kind of loving it!

You guys know that I am always on the hunt for my HG foundation hehe.. 
 So one day, I saw my friend and her skin looked so beautiful
 that of course I had to ask which foundation she was using.

When she showed me what she used, it turned out to be a Powder foundation. 
I immediately felt a little discouraged, since powder foundations usually do not cover
as much and they look all  cakey-powdery. 
She offered me a sample and I opened my eyes so big
because a powder sample is very random to get.
Here in these pictures I am ONLY wearing their
Sheer Mattifying Powder foundation and a little bit of bronzer.
As you can see, the coverage is really nice and it looks really good on pictures.
In real life you could still see some areas that needed more coverage but with a little concealing it's perfect!

What I love about this make up is that it is very mattifying so it is perfect for my oily skin.
Non- acnegecnic- Non comedogenic-Dermatologist tested- Fragance free = winner!
With a sensitive-oily- acne prone skin that I have I am always afraid of what I apply on my skin 
so when I read all of these awesome facts I was ready to jump in and try the sample.

So far,.after a week of trying the powder I have not broken out so 
I will be buying this powder as soon as on this coming Friday :)

Some of Shiseido's produtcs you have to buy the case and make up separately.
The case for this foundation retails for: $8.50
The refill make up retails for: $30
I know, a little pricey but I think it's worth it.

As far as application goes,the brush that I used to apply this
powder is actually their new foundation brush.
I will be reviewing it on another post but I'll give you a hint.. AMAZING!

Are you a fan of Shiseido Cosmetics?
What have you tried? or looking forward to try?

Old Hollywood

Yesterday I felt like doing a red lip so everything else was kept simple.
Red lips is something that I do not do often, but when I do I have to admit I feel all glamorous!


Face / Eyes prep
Cetaphil Spf 15 moisturizer
Clinique Even Better Dark Spot corrector ( loves it)
Clinique Pore refining Solutions
Clinique All about eyes gel
Dermablend Smooth Indulgence foundation
Shiseido Sheer Mattifying powder ( loving it)

Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer under brows
MAC Manila paper e/s as a highlight
Inglot #337 matte on the crease and above as well as on the lower lash line
MAC Flip e/s on the lid and tearduct area
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Clinique black gel liner on the upper lashline
Clinique High Impact mascara
Anastasia Brow Express kit in brunette
Ardell Wispies lashes
MAC Springshine Ombre
Some Bobbi Brown peachy blush.. can't remember :/

MAC Brick l/l
MAC Morange l/s

New. Shiseido Cream Shadows Review +Swatches+ FOTD

Hello pretty ladies!

Today I come up with a little review of
Shiseido’s new cream shadows.
When I saw these hit the counter , I got fascinated
with some of the colors. 

On Shiseido's website this is the description of the product:

  “A lightweight cream eye shadow with a radiant, lustrous finish that maintains a just-applied fresh look for 16 hours without smudging or creasing. Applies easily with your fingertip for a smooth, even finish. Hydrates skin with Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE”

I got a very nice sample that included 3 colors:
Mist, Magnolia, and Purple Dawn.
When I first applied these, 
I noticed that the texture
is very soft and velvety just like they said it is. 
All of the colors have like a pearl finish.

I tried using a brush as well as my fingers to apply the product on my lid/crease and using both
techniques I was able to apply  an even layer.

To apply the color on the crease I decided to use my MAC 217 brush and it was very easy to blend!

Now onto the non creasing formula? Well on me, they did crease!
(Even though I used UDPP before hand and set them with a little powder)
I was a little disappointed but I do have oily lids and the way my lid is, it has like a fold right in the center
so it’s so easy to get a crease line there :/
I have tried different cream products in the past and they tend to crease one me so I shouldn’t be surprised lol.

Even with the NYX pencils I need to carefully apply a very thin layer or otherwise they will crease as well.

I do want to try them again using a fine layer and using other brand shadows to set them.
The ones I used to set these on this FOTD where a pink and a purple from the 88 palette.
Even if I can not use them on the lid, I do want to purchase some colors because  I can use them for highlight,  at the tearduct,  or above the crease since on those areas the product stayed on perfectly.

If you don’t have oily lids, this product stays pretty well since I saw the lady from the counter
with them on all day looking perfectly fine!

(Click to enlarge)
From left to right
Mist- Magnolia- Purple Dawn
Aren't they gorgeous? 
My fave is Mist even though you can barely
see it in the swatch picture.
As a highlight color it is amazingly magical in real life :)

What are your thoughts on these?

A taste of fall

Eventhough this day was super hot outside I felt like doing some fall inspired make up.
It has been a while since I used my MAC Night Violet lipstick so I decided to give it some love!
The summer has been great so far but I am soooo ready for fall.. I really need the 70's weather :-)
I did this look using my UD Naked palette. I really use this one a lot, a great value to have!

Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector
Cetaphil moisturizer SPF15
Smashbox light primer ( got  a sample, let's see how it goes)
Clinique Acne Solutions foundation #9
Shiseido sheer Mattifying foundation/powder

MAC Springshine Ombre

UD Half baked e/s on lid
UD Buck  e/s above the crease
MAC Nuance Mineralize blush on tearduct area
MAC Vanilla e/s as highlight
Glamour Doll Lovers lane e/s on  crease and lower lash line
Clinique Gel liner in black on upper lashline
MAC Teddy eye  khol on waterline
Anastasia Brow Express in Brunette
Ardell  Wispies slashes
Clinique high Impact mascara

NYX Deep purple
MAC Night Violet l/s
Chanel lipgloss spark

My make up area!

I've been wanting for the longest to revamp/organize my make up area with something nice and girly.
I had in mind getting some stuff from IKEA but I saw this Vanity set at Bed Bath and beyond
and eventhough is smaller, it was a good decision to buy. 
It was cheaper than the IKEA set up and it fits perfect in my room.
I got this one for $132 using the 20% off coupon. 
Not bad at all huh?

The quality of it is not extraordinary
but it is not super cheap either. 
It requires only some assembly and it is
available in black and white.

This Vanity set comes with a flipping mirror, 2 deep drawers, and the cute stool. 
If you leave the mirror up you can have a nice deep space in the middle of the vanity to fit more stuff!
After I set up everything I realized that I do not have that much make up at all!!! lol
 I was able to fit everything in this Vanity and in the weave  basket on top of the 3 set of drawers on the left.
I got those at Target a while ago so I am not sure if they still sell those.

The first morning I did my make up here I just felt soo good!
Everything was easy to find and I was just happy to have my little space dedicated to make up :)

Now on to the pics!

Vanity Set from Bed Bath and Beyond
Set of weave drawers from Target

Here I have my everyday products. 
I got that plastic organizer from Bed Bath and beyond $3

Here I have some disposable lip and mascara wands, some face products
and in the flower bag I have my depotted MAC lispticks as well as non-depotted

On the left side I keep my MAC, UD, CLINIQUE, and W&W palettes

On the right side I keep my cheek products, single shadows, and NYX trios which
I just realize you can not see lol.. 
they are under that Inglot lip palette :)

I got this blue organizer thingy at target a while ago as well.
I payed just a dollar.
Here I keep my clinique make up and treatment samples
as well as lipglosses, NYX Jumbo pencils and some other random little things.

 The stool

I borrowed this from hubby will be replacing with something else
but here I have my eye and lip liners

Some clean ad dirty brushes ha!
I love that Hello kitty brush holder <3
Hello kitty Hand mirror from Sephora $35
Hello Kitty brush holder from MAC LE.. $50's

Here I have my 88 matte/ shimmer /MAC /Inglot palettes
I bought the metal organizer at Walmart $3

So that completes this little tour, I hope you enjoyed the pics :)
If you guys have blogged about your make up area I would love to see!
Leave me a link :D

Blogs I love to read at the moment:

Hello lovelies!
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My other half is coming home today and I am every excited, I missed him lots!!
He went out of town for work but he'll be finally here later on tonight.
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