Maybe you've already seen these images on the web.
But for the ones that haven't, here they are..
Amazing Cinemagraphs that will blow your mind!

Enjoy :)

My bday is tomorrow.. I turn 31... wow.
 Have a great weekend!

I love Ebay!

I'm pretty sure you guys have seen this necklace
 floating around in different blogs.
Since I saw it for the first time it was love at first sight!
Unfortunately the $150 price tag was a bit too much.
Then, I saw another store that had a similar
 J Crew design for $40.
 I was considering to take the plunch until
I found it on ebay for less than $15 and free shipping!

This beauty will be coming home soon!
 Here is the link to the ebay seller I bought it from 

I love shoes!

I love shoes!

Casadei high heels
$494 -

Trashy Diva platform shoes
$203 -

Wallis stiletto heel shoes
$65 -

High heels
$55 -

Denim sandals
$55 -

Friis & Company high heels
€35 -

High heel shoes
$45 -

Charlotte Russe ankle wrap wedge
$36 -

H&M high heels
£25 -

Just a pop of Coral...

It's been way too hot and humid lately
so it's been either no make up at all or this.
You can never go wrong with some mascara to 
open up the eyes, a little bronzer, and a really bright lip! 

I love Coral and this Barry M lipstick
 is having a lot of love from moi hehe
I'm planing on doing though a bright FOTD soon!

Have a great Wednesday!!

Clinique Stay matte foundation
Smashbox Halo powder

Maybelline Stiletto mascara
Loreal Voluminous Fiber mascara

NYC Sunny
MAC Bite of an apple

Barry M 151

Summer love

Last night I did a little browsing looking for make up inspiration and I stumbled across these
  pictures taking by photographer Giuliano Bekor.
As you can see, these pictures are abolutely stuning, quirky, and definetely inspiring!

Photgrapher: Giuliano Bekor
Makeup:Anthony Merante
Hair:Damien Carney

Have a blessed Tuesday!


Hello Lovelies!

Today I bring you a very bright casual look.
 What I love about this outfit is how easy it is to wear.
Sometimes I get in the mood to wear an outfit
 that I can just throw in and keep it going!

With the high temperatures that we are
 having lately in Fort Lauderdale,
 this kind of outfit is a total win!

I also added my beloved fringe wedges to
 add some flare to it.

For my jewelry, I wanna talk to  you guys about Glambar!

The lovely owner of this Etsy shop sent me these amazing bracelets
that I am absolutely loving.
 I think I have been wearing these almost every day since I got them.

 The jewelry is all handmade by her and
 the prices are very affordable.
Her inventory is growing quickly!

If you follow her on Facebook you can get advantage
 on knowing about different discounts like
 her Friday specials where you can get 10%  on your purchase!

You can find the Yellow Cross and
 Blue stone bracelets HERE!
Glambar/facebook page is HERE

You guys need to check her out!

Enjoy the pics and I wish you guys a very blessed week :) 

 What I am wearing:
Forever 21 tribal t shirt
Forever21 tube skirt
Ami Club wear fringe wedges
Forever21 Necklace
Gifted Blue Turquoise ring
No brand Blue satchel
Forever21 white and gold bracelet
Glambar Yellow cross bracelet
Glambar blue stone bracelet



 Hello Lovelies!

As I visited Nany'sKloset blog some days ago,
 I saw that she, along with other bloggers are starting
this challenge of wearing certain trends or themes.

They started this week with spikes and studs,
so this is my look using an old studded
 Charlotte Russe Asymmetrical top!

This was my first time photographing
 myself with a tripod, plus the camera setting 
was in manual and I did not know it...
so that's why the pics came out a bit blurry :(

I tried to make them look as appealing as I could 
with some editing..haha.

I hope you guys like this outfit
 and if you are interested in
joining the challenge
get more info here

  Macys BAR III Blazer
Charlotte Russe Asymetrical top
Jcpenney shorts
Forever21 bag
Style&Co Watch
Forever21 and Charlotte Russe bracelets 
Forever21 ring
Jeffrey Campbell Black Litas
Thrifted Necklace

Wyndwood Walls

Hello lovelies!
I hope you guys are having a great week so far.
Here as I mentioned in my last outfit post,
 I bring to you some pictures from Wyndwood.

Wyndwood is an area located in Miami where you can see tons of different
 large stock of warehouse buildings, all with with no windows, making them giant
 canvases to bring to them the greatest street
 art ever seen in one place.

Lots of different artists around the world have left
 their mark with marvelous pieces of art.
  Some of them even hidden, waiting for you to find them.

We took these pictures the same weekend of
 my last outfit post, hence the
 repetition of certain pieces of clothing!

Here I am wearing the same leggings but 
with a different top, necklace, and shoes
 giving it a more casual look.

The weather was extremely hot that day so this
 outfit passed the test in keeping me comfortable.
We were not able to see everything
so we are thinking to do a round 2 soon :) 

For more info about Wyndwood
 go here!

Enjoy the pics! 

  What I am wearing:
Forever21 Nude over sized shirt
Forever21 necklace
Love Culture Floral leggings
Traffic nude sandals
no brand blue bag
Sty&Co Rose Gold watch
Charlotte Russe studded bracelet

Hubby giving a little kiss lol

And my dream came true!
I finally have a jumping in the air shot!!! haha 
Thanks hubby for the editing <3

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