Deep purples

This is kind of a bold look I did, but I find it kind of wearable for daytime too. I think what really ties the look together is the lips. I loved this lip combo and there's a lot of layering involved!

Hope you guys like :-)               

L'occitane Ultra matte fluid
Mix of MAC Studio Sculpt and Clinique Even better foundation
Clinique blended face powder

Conjure up only for a slight contour

Pandora's primer
NYX Milk
MAC Smoke and Diamonds e/s on lid and lower lash line with MAC 239 brush
MAC Vanilla e/s as a highlight and on inner corners with MAC 239 and 224 brushes
MAC Romping e/s  a very light wash a little above the crease using MAC 224 brush
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s on top of that romping e/s using just a little wash with MAC 224 brush
MAC Sketch e/s on outer corners and crease with MAC 217 brush and on lower lash line with a small brush
Random deep plum color eyeshadow to deepen outer corners
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Clinique doubling macara

MAC Lush-n-lilac lipliner
MAC Night violet lisptick
MAC Up the Amp lipstick
MAC Fashion Mews lipstick
MAC Via Veneto Dazzleglass

My first Bridal make up

How's everyone?
Me.. well can't wait for the weekend! I've had kind of a rough week. My 20month old son is getting closer
to the 2's so you guys can imagine what that means! lol. I just wanted to share my only pic for now unfortunately of my first bridal make up I did back on November. I'm still waiting on more pics. She wanted something natural looking and she loved it!

I think for my first time I did good!! hehehe

Studio Sculpt concealer
Studio Sculpt foundation
Clinique blended face powder

MAC Peachykeen

Soft Ochre paint pot
MAC Vanilla e/s
MAC Texture
MAC  Med. Brown from the 2009 Smokey mirros palette
MAC Naked pigment
MAC Dip down fluidline
Clinique Doubling Mascara

MAC Sublime Culture l/l
MAC Please me l/s

It's a purple love Story..

I love purple! and there was a time that I would only do purple looks!! lol
Of course I stopped the madness and started using other color combos but still, one of my faves for sure.
Iit's been quite a while since I did a purple look.. I think.. hehe so today this is what I did. Hope you guys like! I took these pics after 6 hrs of wearing so.. :-D

Oh! Also, I was really sad one night thinking about  MAC Lavender whip lipstick. I was looking at the listings on ebay and the prices were so so high that I thought, if only I could create a dupe for it!!

So I got my traincase and started looking at my lipsticks and I saw MAC Up the Amp.I got it out. I kept looking and then I saw MAC/ HK Fashion Mews and I was like.. what if I mix the two?. I did it and this is what I got. It's not the same but at least it's pretty darn close IMO. And if you guys think it's not let me live with the fantasy until MAC re promotes it!

OK, so now on to the FOTD!

L'occitane Ultra Matte Fluid
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
MAC Clinique Blended Face loos powder

MAC Conjure up
MAC/ HK Tahitian Sands beauty powder

NYX Milk
MAC Naked pigment ( high light)
MAC Yogurt e/s ( lid )
MAC Romping e/s ( above the crease, and lower lashline)
MAC Push the edge pigment ( on crease, outer corners, lowerlashline)
MAC Stately Black e/s (  to darken outer corners)
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s ( inner corners)
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Clinique Mascara

Do you love purple too?
What's your fave purple shadow?
Mine is: Beautiful Iris!

New hairstyle!

Well it was that time.. the time of a change!. I get bored kind of often with my hair. I'm always changing. The only thing I haven't change for a while is my hair color. I've been trying to get rid of the last color I had. With this new hair cut now 90% of my hair is my natural hair color. It's been 12 years of coloring my hair up until now.  I'ts kind of exciting even though I still have the urge of dying it.. I might at some point but for now I can enjoy my hair just like God gave it to me hehe.

I pretty much got more layers on the top and a swept bang. The good thing is that I can wear my hair sleek like this or I can mess it up and get a more edgier look.

I was rushing so the pics are not great, wind was blowing, hence the little hairs out of place! lol
Could not get close up pics of my eyes but I was wearing:

MAC Naked pigment as a highlight ( loooove it)
MAC Yogurt e/s on lid
MAC Texture e/s on the crease and above
MAC Med. brown e/s from the Smokey mirrors palette to darken crease
MAC Plumage e/s on lower lashline and on top of the upper liner
MAC Blacktrack fluid line
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Clinique Doubling mascara ( ugh!!!! I need to get a new, and better mascara!)

MAC HK Fun and games

Rimmel Birthday Suit lipstick
MAC Nice mix up l/g

Spring Colour Forecast unveiling!

Hi guys!
I'm very excited to announce that I got invited yesterday to go to the Spring Colour forecast unveiling on Feb. the 2nd! My MAC store called me, invited me and of course I said yes!!
This is a collection I've been waiting for soo long. Hopefully I can get some goodies.

Have you guys been to one of these parties? I even heard that you can get some sort of discount? Not sure if this is true but if not either way I'm happy to be going.

Are you guys looking forward to this collection? What's in your wishlist?

So far this is my mine:

Lavender wind L/g
Sprinshine ombre
Purple quad
Neutral quad
Straw Harvest e/s
Hot hot hot e/s

and a few things more.. but I need to see them in person :-)

And this is a pic I took today.. I was kind of bored so yup.. I kind of like it :-)

L'occitane Skin care review

I've been struggling for a few months with my face. I have combination oily skin, sensitive, and acne prone. Finding products that could take care of these problems was really hard since some products can not work on all of the areas that I need help with.

My biggest issue was the fact that I was doing my make up and half an hour later I would look oily. I started researching different products, moisturizers and primers online. I looked at soo many products that I actually got very overwhelmed lol.

The thing is that I stumbled into a blog that I unfortunately don't remember the name if the girl, but she was reviewing 3 products that were good for combination oily skin. This one caught my attention since it said it was very lightweight and that it was also a mattifying lotion. I made my decision, and went to the store and bought it.

I've been using the moisturizer for almost 2 months and I am really loving it. It feels so light and it leaves the face soft. It absorbs quickly too. I can wear my make up for about 1 to 2 hours without retouching which is making me really happy!

After buying this product a few weeks later I found out I had a L'occitane outlet close to me so I went there and got the Foaming cleanser. I got the travel size which is $8 dollars but they were having a sale and I got it for $4. So far, I am really liking this cleanser too. It leaves the face really soft and the bonus is that it also removes make up. I can still feel a little tightness on my skin but it is so minimum that I don't mind since as soon as I apply the Ultra matte fluid the skin feels moisturized and not tight.

So If you have combo oily skin, you may wanna try this skin care line. It is kind of expensive though, The regular size bottle of the Ultra matte fluid retails for $26 dollars for 1oz. But then again at the outlet you can get it for around $21 or even if you buy a bunch of the travel size fluids you can really save more money as the lady from the store told me to do :-).

This is the info they give on their website about these 2 products:

Riz Rice Ultra Matte fluid:

With an ultra light and velvety texture, this moisturizer * is recommended for combination and oily skin. Enriched with rebalancing zinc and red rice extract from Camargue (located just outside Provence in France), as well as astringent red rice vinegar and mattifying powdered red rice. Zinc rebalances your skin’s oil production, while the red rice powder absorbs surface oil and reduces shine. Very light, clean fragrance. Non-comedogenic.

Riz Rice Foaming Cleanser:
An ultra foaming cleanser that leaves the skin clear and pure! This soap-free cleanser is enriched with rebalancing zinc and red rice extract from Camargue (located just outside Provence in France), as well as astringent red rice vinegar. Zinc rebalances your skin’s oil production, while the red rice powder absorbs surface oil and reduces shine. It transforms into an ultra light foam on contact with water and eliminates make-up, impurities and excess sebum. Skin is perfectly clean, incredibly soft, clear and pure.

Perfect for combination and oily skin. Very light, clean fragrance. Non-comedogenic.

Link to their website:

They have also a toner, mask, and exfoliating powder that I would like to try!

Hope you guys found this useful!

New Layout!


I was bored! lol
But also because I wanted a change and blue is my favorite color so.. yup.. hope you guys like it :-)

Vibrant hues ( Step by step look)

Today I felt like doing a very vibrant look. I was inspired by a lovely blogger called Zoffen. She is the queen on colorful make up looks and it's always a joy to see her FOTD'S.

In this post, you will be able to follow step by step what I did to create this look. Enjoy!

First,apply a white base. I used NYX Milk all over the lid blended with my finger.
Next,apply MAC Bright Future on inner corners and going 1/3 third in. I used my MAC 239 brush.
Next,apply MAC Beautiful Iris to your crease and above. I used my MAC 224 brush.
Apply MAC Shimmermoss on the middle of the lid blending it with the yellow. I used my MAC 239 brush also.
Next,apply Ransom eye shadow from Urban Decay on outer corners and blending the color upwards to your crease. I used my MAC 217 brush.
Apply Zero eye shadow from Urban Decay only on the outer corner to give some depth. I used the Revlon crease brush.
Make sure to blend nicely Ransom with beautiful Iris ;-)
Apply MAC Vanilla eyeshadow as a highlight on your brow bone. I used my MAC 252 brush.

Apply on the lower lash line Beautiful Iris. I used my MAC 239 brush.
Apply MAC Plumage eyeshadow very close to the lower lash line without smearing
the beautiful Iris previously applied.I used my MAC 266 brush. Smudge lightly with a small crease brush.
Apply Blacktrack fluidline or any other gel liner to your upper lash line and wing it.
Apply MAC Smolder eye khol pencil on waterline.
Finally, Mascara and falsies if desired.

On my cheeks I used MAC Peachykeen with MAC Nuance Mineralize blush.
On my lips I used MAC Icespaced lipgloss

Hope you guys liked this look :-)

This is what I'm loving!

Just wanted to share with you guys some products that I’m really loving so far since December.

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation

I really love the finish of this foundation. It does not set on my pores and lines like Revlon Color stay used to do. Rather than give me a dewy look, it gives me more like a hint of sheen that makes my skin look healthy. I started applying this foundation with my MAC 187 Brush but then I switched to my MAC 181 kabuki and I am really liking the results.

MAC 181 Mini kabuki brush

I got this brush in my “Fun in the sun” 2009 Holiday kit and I love it!. It is super soft and it works really well to apply blushes, MF’S, and IMO foundation!

MAC Chatterbox lipstick

Oh my! This is the prettiest shade of pink! I super love it. I’ve been using Rimmel Indian pink lipliner with this lipstick and it looks great.

MAC Blot powder

I finally got around to try this powder and I was a little scared since not all MAC face products agree with my face, but I went to a counter and got it in Medium. So far no break outs! Which makes me very happy and I really like how I touch up with this product and my face is shine free and the make up looks so good and not cakey. I used the puff that comes with the powder as well as a fluffy powder brush to apply it with great results.

Amazing concealer

I got this after hearing so many ravings about how good it is and it is true! I love how it looks under my eyes. The texture is very creamy, it glides on very easy and it does cover redness and problem areas very well. A little bit goes a long way!

Are these some of your faves too? ;-)

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

Ok.. so this is going to be kind of a review of the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.
I got to know about this product at You Tube. I saw a few Gurus using the product and it looked very nice and like it was a nice consistency. After reading some reviews about the product, I went to Bloomingdales and the MUA color matched me. I was pleased at the moment with the results and went home.

I don't know why I did not return it when I realized what I am about to tell you but the thing is that I kept it and been using it ever since and I have to say that even though it looks very nice as a under eye concealer, it is too thick and hard to blend!.

You would think that because it says "creamy" it would glide over your skin but unfortunately it's not like that. I feel like I tug my eye area to blend it well and that is the last thing you want!.. to tug that delicate area of the eye. I am using it still, I know.. but I don't want to feel like I wasted 32$ buying another one. I basically take my time applying it to do it as delicate as possible. This concealer also does not work on blemishes or red areas. The translucent yellow powder I really dislike too,at least on my skin tone it looked like I applied a yellowish powder so not a good finish to the make up IMO.

So the final judgment is that I would not recommend this product ;-(.

Yesterday though I found out about a sale at Ulta ;-). You can buy one get one free of the Amazing concealer which I've seen a lot people raving about. I could not resist the temptation of the great deal!.

The Amazing concealer retails for 42$ (5 0z) so yup, it is super expensive!! so that was what it was keeping me from buying it. But.. they have the 2oz travel size for 28$ and you can get another for free so that is 4oz for 28$ + tax not bad!!!

I bought it and used it today but that is another review... hehehe

hope you guys are having a beautiful week ;-)

How my mood changed and my make up too!

Hello!! It's a super cold day in South Florida!! I'm loving it... anyways these pictures are from today lol... this is how my mood changed and my make up too.

"The no make up look"
This is what I've been wearing lately when I need to run out or I don't have that much time to do my make up.. Sometimes I add a bolder lip.

#1st pic
Loccitane red rice ultra matte fluid
Tarte Clean slate primer
Studio Sculpt concealer
Bobbi brown concealer
Clinique blended face powder


Refined Golden Bronzer
MAC Nuance blush.. I think..

Siss l/s and something else I can't remember sorry!

Then I wanted to do something, at least something simple so I threw
some liner..

#2nd pic
Same as above

MAC Blacktrack fluid line
Rimmel navy blue liner

Same as above but added Peachykeen

Siss l/s
Purr l/g

and lastly I got bored of the nude lips and added:

#3rd pic

MAC Up the Amp l/s
MAC HK Mimmy l/g


I really hope you guys had a great New Year's eve and a great day today ;-)

Just wanted to share with you a pics of my New Years look.

L├│ccitane Red Rice Ultra Matte fluid
Tarte Clean slate primer
Revlon Color Stay foundation
Bobbi Brown Concealer
Clinique Blended face powder

MAC refined Gold bronzer
MAC Nuance blush

Pandora's primer
HIP blue gel liner
MAC Deep truth e/s
MAC Modest Tone e/s
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Clinique doubling mascara
Sally's blue glitter

MAC Siss l/s
MAC Icescape l/g

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