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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Headbands have been around for years! Even in the 1900's you can find pictures of women wearing them.
I remember when I was little girl I loved  them a lot!

Headbands are the hottest trend right now as well as big bows!
I recently got my very own back headband at Forever21 and I wore it for one of my FOTDS here
What I love about this headband is the twisted bow on the side :-)
I'm planning on getting more headbands since they add a nice twist to any oufit or when the hair is not that good, you can camouflage it with one lol.

How do you guys feel about headbands and or bows?
Love them? Hate them?

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  1. I am HUGE into headbands...especially the really big ones. But its hard to find those that don't pinch your head and give you a headache.

  2. I just love headbands.
    I used to go in H&M to find pretty ones, or just buy a material that I like and make it by my own ( with an african material, like wax it's my favorite, with big silver earings ^^).

  3. @ PBunnie oh yeah.. some headbands can be a pain!

    @ Liloo.. wow you make them? how nice!

  4. You inspired me =) Thanks :D I love the 2nd one!

  5. @ Susi, thanks! and yup!! the 2nd one is just so sweet looking and gorgeous!


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