My 100 followers giveaway! ( Closed)

Hello lovelies!
I reached 100 followers and I can not believe it!! I am so excited :-D
Thanks so much for being part of this little space that I have to express myself and share with you guys my  make up point of view. I feel so blessed and I love to interact with you guys!

I am doing a small giveaway to say thank you!
Is open internationally :-)

The prizes?
Here they are!

* Must be a follower, if you are not, I'm sorry but you will be disqualified :(
*Leave me a comment telling me what is your favorite lip combo at the moment!
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This giveaway will end on March, Thursday the 27th at 10:00 pm

That's it :-)

Lipstick organizer @

Hi guys! it is FRIDAY!!!! How awesome is that?
Well I am kind of surfing the net right now and I came across this product. It is sooo perfect! Right now, I have all of my lipsticks in a cosmetic bag and it is a pain since I have to look one by one to find the color I want!

 Image from

This lipsticks organizer is in acrylic and holds up to 24 lipsticks!
Price: $10.95 + tx and shipping $4.99
9" L 3.5" W x 2" H

Skincare: L'occitane Red Rice toner and Shea Butter Cleansing water

Hello guys!
The weekend is getting closer!! What are you guys planning to do?

Today I come with another first impression thoughts about 2 Loccitane products. As I have mentioned before here and hereI've been little by little adding more products from this brand to my skin care routine.
 I've been using their Red Rice  Ultra matte moisturizer and cleanser with really good results.

I went this past weekend to pick up another cleanser since I ran out and I decided  to finally give the Red Rice toner a try. I haven't been a fan of toners in the past because they would irritate my skin. I have used this one 2 days in a row, morning and night and so far no irritation or tingling!. After washing my face, I use the toner and then the moisturizer. My face feels clean and moisturized. No tightness, just the right amount of moisture that I need since I am combo/oily skin. I will be updating you guys for sure on how the toner is working for me. The toner was $4 at the outlet/travel size/ 1.7 oz

Product details

Purifying Rice Toner

A super fresh bi-phase toner that provides a perfect matte finish! Recommended for combination and oily skin, the first phase of this toner purifies and the second phase mattifies, leaving skin fresh, perfectly clear and light!

Another product that called my attention was the Shea Butter cleansing water. I was using the Almond Pomme oil and it was working great to remove make up but since it is an oil and I have combo/oily skin I was not feeling comfortable using  and I started to break out and I kind of blame the product! lol If you have normal to dry skin this will work best.
When I saw this one, the description of the product caught my eye and bought it. It was only $4 at the outlet/ travel size/ 3.4oz

I've used this product for the past  2 days also and I think it is going to be a keeper. Not greasy feeling at all! When you spray it on the face it feels cool on the skin therefore very resfreshing. What I did: I sprayed like 2-3 times a cotton pad and rub the pad all over my face and it removed all traces of make up: face, eyes, and lips! Now I have to see how long the bottle lasts to see if it is worth it. But I just loved how my face felt. I will also give you guys and update on this product later on.

Final thoughts? I really recommend this brand!  It could be a bit pricey but if you have a Loccitane outlet close to you, the products are much less pricey than in their boutiques.

Product details:

Shea Butter Extra-Gentle Cleansing Water (Travel Size)

A unique multi-purpose product, the Extra Gentle Cleansing Water is appropriate for even the most sensitive skin. This non-greasy formula can be used as a gentle make-up remover, facial cleanser, facial toner and midday refresher. It will leave skin clean, nourished and moisturized.

 Have a great day!!

Quick Review: Maybelline Define A Brow

As I mentioned here. I got the Maybelline Define a brow pencil a week ago with the hopes of filling
my eye brows in a natural looking way. I bought it at Walmart and payed only $5.50 + tax which is a great deal!

After using the pencil for a week I have to say that I love it! It is waterproof and the formula is just great, very natural looking, you don't have to press hard to get a nice color payoff :-) The pencil comes with a comb too, very handy! I'm still getting the hang of it since I've never done my eye brows like that. I'm liking it so much, I think it gives the eyes a complete look. Will be posting pics soon :)

Product Description

Micro-mechanical pencil delivers precise application for evenly defined brows. Smear-proof formula wears all-day, and convenient all-in-one tool includes a comb to seamlessly blend color for a natural look.
  • Blends easily with brow hair
  • Waterproof for all day wear
  • Safe for sensitive eyes
  • Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist tested
 Final thoughts, I highly recommend it!


Hi guys! Just wanted to remind you that I am still selling samples of MAC pigments!
If you are interested just go HERE :-)

Today I got my  herstyler forever flatiron so I will be doing a review soon!
Wishing you guys a great Wednesday!!!!!

The Thrift treasures! ( pictures)

Hello guys!
Hope are having a great Tuesday!
Well as I promised here are the pictures of the things I got at the Thrift Store :-)
I already wore/ used the shoes and the handbag!
I think I'll be using the dress to sing at  church soon :-)

Polka Dots Green and white dress

Steve Madden Strappy Shoes

Vintage shoulderbag

A glance at my weekend!

Hello guys!
I am back home! I was in Orlando, Fl since Tuesday (with the fam) at my in laws because there was going to be a Latin Christian festival. It was awesome, I ended up buying a CD from one the ladies that sang. We also hung out with some friends that were singing that night at the fest :-) Hubby and I came renewed!
On Sunday we went to a party and we ate Puerto Rican food mmmm so good! so the pics I'm sharing are from the Puerto Rican party hehe :-)

Big no no! lol

And here I'm posting the links of some great latin Christian singers:

Buy 2 get one free : NYX Cosmetics

Hello guys!

Just wanted to share with you that Ulta is having a sale. You can buy 2 and get one free on NYX Cosmetics :-)

I got a jumbo eye pencil in the color "Purple " and it is gorgeous! I also got 2 lip liners. I will be doing swatches soon!

This is a dream!

Ok guys.. Today I came across this and I am looooove!
I think this is so pretty and glamorous. It is pricey I have to admit but I would love to save the $$ :-D
I am loving the pink or silver!

Link to the website:
Starlet Vanity Mirror

The joy of thrifting!

Hi guys!
I'm staying at my in law's house located in Orlando and we are having a great time. Today  we went to a Thrift Store. I do it every now and then since my mother in law loves it and it's so much fun. For me it's like a treasure hunt, when I come in to the store I always think, what cool thing I can I find?!!

After searching throughout I got a cute A line, green and white polka dot dress( $10), a cool gray, vintage looking purse($2.92), and my favorite, a gorgeous pair of Camel Steve Madden shoes!! They looked fantastic and cost only $11!!

I'm excited with my goodies and I will be posting pics for sure once I go back home :-)

How's your Thursday going?

Maybelline Define a brow

Hello lovelies!

Filling my  brows is something that I've tried on and off. I've never liked the results. I tried different color shadows and I was never happy. I do like when people fill their eyebrows, it gives the eye make up a finished touch still looking quite natural.
Today I was at the Walmart cosmetic isle and I remember a girl from YT doing an eyebrow tutorial using  the Maybelline Define a brow and it looked pretty good.  Since it was only $5.50 I thought why not?

This is the first time that I actually filled my brows with a pencil and I have to say that I really liked the results! The formula is great. The packaging says that the color blends with the hairs and it is so true. I know this is only my 1st time using the product so I will be updating you guys for sure. But overall I'm happy and I can't wait to do my eyes and the brows and see the overall result!

Hope you guys are having a great Wednesday! Today I'm looking forward America's Next Top model..hehehe

MAC/ Spring/ Summer Trend: Dye-A-Tribe

A shaft of sunlight through stained glass…
The syrupy freshness of peach juice…the swirled, translucent tints in a murano vase…tinted filters over a camera lense: for colour this summer, think multi-dimensional, soft-focus and super-blended in a succulent palette. It’s about optimistic, upbeat shades applied with the very lightest touch “in the ongoing trend for colour that looks airbrushed with the softest edges,” says Terry Barber. Not that its attitude is hippie-dippy or costume drama. “It’s more about taking pretty colours, yet giving them a rebellious edge so that they don’t come across as too bridal.” Whether that be the subtlety of a dégradé chromatic shift over the lip or eye or the juxtaposition of upbeat colours against a raw skin or bare lash, as Gordon Espinet explains, “It’s really about wearing colour with a cool factor.”

This is one of this year's MAC trends. I love color and I am always experimenting with new combinations.
It's so much fun!
Like a lovely blogger said (Zoffen), You can get away with color if it is well blended and also I have to add, if it is the right shade. There are soo many different shades out there that if you get the one that suits your skin tone you can have a splash of color in your eyes and look amazing. It's all about trying different ones.

In this FOTD I wanted to embrace wearing color with a cool factor.. so hopefully I did! I love my purples but this time I wanted to mix it with different blues. In the pictures it came out as a vanilla shade but above the crease and as a highlight I had a very light shade of baby blue.

Same as always

NYX Jumbo pencil in milk ( on lid and brow bone)
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Bare minerals Flamenco ( on lid)
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s ( on inner corners)
From 88 palette:
Baby Blue (above crease and as highlight)
Turquoise ( above crease)
Black e/s ( as a liner on upper lash line)
Dark burgundy color e/s ( crease, outer corners)
Medium purple e/s ( crease)
Dusty Pink e/s ( above the medium purple to blend)
Urban Decay Peace e/s( lower lash line)
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara

MAC Conjure up
MAC/HK/Tahitian hands
Ok, so the lips were a jourmey because I had a color in my mind so I mixed different lipsticks. I failed to find the color I wanted. However, I did like the outcome :-)
MAC Please me l/s ( one coat)
MAC/ HK/ Fashion Mews l/s ( one coat)
MAC Up the amp l/s ( dabbed lightly all over the lips)
MAC Beautiful Irirs e/s ( dabbed lightly)
MAC Via Veneto d/g ( on top of everything to finish)

Wow!! that's a lot of products for the lips right? lol oh well..

Have a great Monday!

Bargain Alert: Cosmetics!! @

Hello guys!
Just wanted to do a quick post sharing this link. It is a website where you can find discounted brand new cosmetics. Brands include MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, etc.. :-)
* Promo Code: leinababy
for 15% off your purchase $30 or more
Ends on May 15, 2010

I'm off to check it out myslef!!
 Bye :-)

Inspirational FOTD: Exotic greens and browns

Hello Everyone!
How's your weekend going? Mine is going great, I sang at church which I love and I got in the mail another pair of PixiEGlamouR's earrings!! This pair is absolutely fantastic.
I talked about this Etsy seller in another post here
I got the package Friday afternoon so I thought.. I'm gonna wear them on Saturday night! I loved the touch of green and the warm tone of the feathers so I translated that into my make up. I really liked how it turned out. Green is a color I do not wear a lot so it was fun to play around with it.I also got to use my melon pigment which I am loving to pieces.

I have another pair of earrings with Peacock feathers and other vibrant colors and I can't wait to do another inspirational FOTD with that pair!

If you are interested in this kind of jewelry you can go here 
She is so sweet, great customer service!

Click the pic to enlarge!

Loccitane Ultra Matte fluid
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation
Clinique Blended face powder

 MAC Springshine Ombre
MAC/Hello Kitty/ Fun and games blush

NYX Milk jumbo eye pencil
MAC Melon pigment on tear duct area
MAC Smoke and Mirrors palette:
light vanilla color on lid
Beige color on crease and above
Medium brown on crease/ outer corners/bottom lash line
Darkest brown on outer corners/ bottom lashline
Pandora's Echo Chic palette, all colors exept for Cognac
Revlon Colorstay brown liner
MAC Dip down fluidline
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara

MAC Ravishing ( I know, been giving this one a lot of love lately lol)

Healthy snack!

Hello guys!
Hope you are having a great Thursday! This week went super fast!!
Today I want to share this yummy snack. This is what I've been eating instead of the lovely chocolate bar or ice cream lol. I'm trying to change my eating habits because of my health and also because I would like to drop a few pounds.
As you guys know I am in Cancer remission so I really need to work hard so I can stay cancer free. Sugar is something that this disease loves so little by little I need to eat less of it. This, of course is super hard since I have a super sweet tooth!

My hubby introduced me like 2 months ago to this lovely greek yogurt. It comes with a side honey so when you mix them together is super delicious! There are other flavors but I haven't tried them yet :-)
To make it even better I like to add this Honey/ almond granola and some strawberries and bananas!

Hope you guys try it!
You can find these items at Publix. If you do not have a Publix around check at your local grocery store :-)

Almost a 100 :-)

I'm so thankful to know that I'm close to having 100 followers!! I can't believe it :-)
Thanks for all the support and for the lovely comments!!!

A little favor.. pretty please!

Hi guys!

Just a little favor, could you guys vote for me!!
If you can vote more than one time I'll appreciate it BIG TIME!
I added an entry here! It's very easy, just click where it says "vote now" and that's it :-)

Thanks xx

Bargain Alert: Target!

Hello guys!
How is your Tuesday going?

Today I wanted to share a bargain I found at Target. When I go to this store I always like to look at their $1 corner. You never know the things you can find!

This is supposed to be a candle holder but when I saw it I immediately thought: Brush holder! I found it super cute and liked that it was black. Check your target for availability!

I've been wanting to do though the Sephora style holder for a while, but my baby is in the stage where he wants to touch everything and climbing into everything so I have the image in my mind of him just throwing the thing on the floor.. so I think for now this holder looks cute and I am even thinking right now that I could add a ribbon in middle and maybe look even cuter!! :-) This is it:

I put my MAC and Sigma brushes here. 
The smaller brushes I left them in My Hello Kitty one


Sorry for my English speakers!! but this is something I wrote a few days ago and I just wanted to share. It's been months since I wrote something so I felt kind of happy after wards. My first language is Spanish so that's why :-)

Ella se fue caminando por las nubes buscando...
ella se fue sin avisar, mirando..
ella quizo entender cantando...
pero nunca entendio lo que vivio soñando.

Ella corrio, sonrio a ratos,
ella busco colores, se canso del blanco.
Ella se frustro y cayo hablando,
con todo su dolor y con las dudas en sus manos

Ella grito, lloro y llamo
ella creyo que no habria voz,
de repente en el cielo una luz la alumbro,
ella no podia creer lo que su mirada vio

Ella descubrio a su creador!
ella alli cambio su corazon!
Del negro al blanco, a mucho colores paso..
ella ahora entiende lo que nadie entendio..

Ella bajo de las nubes con una nueva cancion...
ella bajo de las nubes con un nuevo AMOR..

Ella esta con DIOS.

Sigma Brushes review!

As I promised here I am going to give you guys a review of the Sigma brush set I bought .
As I mentioned in this post Sigma Brushes, shipping was super quick and the presentation of the product was great!
The brushes are super soft which I love. They came with a slight chemical smell but once I washed them it went away completely.
I have seen minor shedding, but then again MAC ones also shed sometimes.
 I haven’t seen any bleeding though yet. After washing them several times they still look great.  I usually wash my brushes after every use.
This is a very good brush!
I can pack color very well but I can pack color faster with my MAC 239 because it is more dense and stiff. Sigma’s 239 feels a little fluffier, but it still does the job! I am happy though with this brush.
This brush is very different from MAC’s 224. Sigma’s brush head is smaller and not as fluffy, but I love it too. I am using it with great results!
I think I still kind of love my MAC 224  since it’s very fluffy and does not apply a lot of color at once.
This one is great! I do not own a full size MAC 187, but I do have the LE Hello Kitty 187 brush which  is
very soft. The only disappointment from the Hello Kitty brush is that it bleeds like crazy so I do not use it for foundation, I use it only for blush or powder and so far it works great for that. Sigma’s 187 is super super soft, even softer than my HK 187 and my Jane Iredale ( 187 look alike) The SS187 works great for foundation  blush, and powder too.
I’m not a fan of this kind of brush. I have a similar brush from Essence of beauty and I usually use that brush for concealer sometimes. I used the SS 190 and even though I do not like the process in doing my foundation with this brush I do have to say that I got very good results. So I guess whenever I have dirty brushes I can use this brush knowing that I am going to get great results too.
I do not own a MAC angle brush, but I like Sigma’s. I wish it could be just a tad more stiff. These bristles are very very soft and I kind of like to have more control when doing my blush so a little stiffness is good to me. It is a great brush though! It depends on your taste :-)
I’ve been wanting this brush soo bad.  I’ve been using my Essence of beauty crease brush as a kind f a dupe of the 219. They come in a pack with two. I usually use the small one for my lower lash line work, and the medium one to concentrate more color on the crease. Both of these brushes are very stiff and they apply color heavily. What I love about Sigma’s 219 is that it is not as dense so it does not apply color very harshly which makes the shadow easy to blend. I’m loving this one to use it on the crease but  for my lower lash line I think I still prefer my Essence of beauty small crease brush.
I own the MAC 209 brush from the Holiday Collection of 2009. I do not use it as much though.
I do not think it is as good as the full size 209. Some brushes in the holiday sets are great but others can be not so good lol. Sigma’s 209 bristles are thicker as well as the head. I do not like it. When I did my eyeliner the line came too thick. I prefer my MAC 266 for eyeliner.
I own the MAC 217 from again, the Holiday collection and I love it!. I do not have a full size though.
I got a Sigma travel 217 brush as a gift with my purchase and I quite liked it. It is fluffier than MAC 217. So I guess Sigma’s 217 is like a combination of MAC’s 224 and 217 if that makes sense lol. Not to dense, not to fluffy.
I do not own a MAC 150 but I loveeeeeeeeee Sigma’s. The softest bristles I’ve ever felt! Lol
I have the MAC 252 from the Holiday Collection and I was liking it a lot until I met Sigma’s.
What I like about Sigma’s is that the head of the brush is thinner and smaller. It works perfect for my eye space.
As mentioned before,I  have the MAC 275 from the Holiday Collection. I love the MAC one because it is fluffy. What I love about Sigma’s is  that it is thinner. I prefer to use Sigma’s under my brows, but I like the MAC oneto blend the shadow on my inner corners.
I do not own a MAC concealer brush.  Sigma’s is ok, I wish it could be more fluffier.
SS 266
This small angle brush I think it’s great. I like that it is stiff and you can get more control when doing the liner. Also for the bottom lash line work is also great. The MAC one I have it’s fluffier, but I do love it too. I use them both with great results.

I think overall these brushes are great quality, and for the price you can't go wrong! I still would like to have some especific MAC brushes down the road. But for now, I have a very decent set :)
Hope this was helpful!

New card design at my Etsy shop!

Hello guys!
Just wanted to let you know that today I added a new design to my Etsy shop.
 you can personalized this Red Polka Dot and ladybugs design!
Unlike my other cards this is a digital card only.
It can be used for a girl birthday party, baby announcement or any other occasion!
I will be adding another design for boys soon too.

Layout, wording, font, and color can be changed to your preference.Text can be written in Spanish too!
This is a print-at home card or at any storelike Walamrt. Target, etc.
Please feel free to go to my shop for more details!

Link to my shop is in the sidebar!!!

" Clickable image"

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Etsy: Paradise Peacock earrings

Yay! I was so excited to get my package yesterday. It came in this box along with a card on how to care for this type of earrings as well as her business card.

And here they are! Some feathers look weird but now they are all fluffed up and looking nice :-).
you can find these and many other awesome accesories at her etsy shop here.
Price was $18.00
Shipping to the US was $4

It took about a week for production and 2 days of shipping! It came to me really fast :-) but please note that this always depend on your location!
I will be doing and FOTD with these as an inspiration :-)


Shopping my stash: HK Lucky Tom palette

I wanted to shop my stash today and I picked up my MAC/ Hello Kitty Lucky Tom palette!
This is such a lovely palette. I remember when I got it, I could not stop using it. Eventually I did becasue I did not want to get bored with it. I put it away and after months, today I decided to use it. I also used my MAC Beautiful Iris which is my fave shadow ever!!!

If you look at my headband I added the silver charm and purple leaf. It was an 11:00 pm project last night. I had a charm that was part of a necklace that broke and it was so pretty that I wanted to do something with it.. I used the feather and one of the charms.. and this is what came up!! loving it to pieces

PS: Got my eyebrows done!!!! what a difference :-D :D

Same as always!

NYX Milk as a base
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s on inner corners and half of lids
MAC Paradisco e/s on 2nd half of lids and blended upwards
MAC Styling e/s on outer corners, crease, lower lashline
MAC Violet trance on outer corners and lower lash line
MAC Lucky Tom e/s to deepen outer cornes and a bit of crease
MAC Vanilla e/s as a highlight

MAC/HK Fun and games

A very light wash of MAC Ravishing l/s

My turn to pull a Kat Von D :-D

Hi everyone!

I was inspired by kat! But.. since her dramatic look it's been done so many times, I deciced to do a more daytime-wearable version. I really like how it turned out. I was feeling sexy that day for sure! lol Even hubby complimented me which is always a plus!

Loccitane matte fluid
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation
Clinique blended face loose powder

MAC Peachykeen

120 and 88 palettes
Medium brown
MAC Vanilla e/s
MAC Smolder eye khol
Rimmel Glam eyes

MAC Brick l/l
Revlon red from the matte line

Got more jars today to do samples :-)

Just wanted to give you guys an update. I received more jars to make samples!
If you are interested, you can go here to find more info as well as the colors that are available!

Oh! I got today my long peacock earrings and they are soooo gorgeous! I'll posting a FOTD soon :-)

Blog award: I love your blog award!

Thank you, Marie, for this wonderful blog award! 
so sweet of you:D

The rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated me
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog
3. Link to the person who nominated me

4. Nominate 15 bloggers
5. Post links to the 15 blogs I nominate

I am passing this blog award to these amazing bloggers:



Check these lovely ladies out and their blogs, you won't regret it!:D

Happy Easter! and a anecdote..

Well today is for sure a very special day to celebrate. Today is God's resurrection and we can rejoice in HIM!. We have so an amazing God and we really need to be thankful because I know everyday we receive blessings from Him. Sometimes are big blessings but sometimes are little blessings, and because they are little, sometimes we do not even see them... I am learning to see the small ones. I am learning to be happy and not to be bothered for the little things. I'm learning to see the big picture: HEAVEN.

I wanna share a little anecdote. Today before going to church I stopped at Starbucks and order a White Chocolate mocha. I got the coffee, stepped out, and got in my car. While I was on my way I started talking to God. Just telling Him that today was a day to rejoice and that I did not wanted to be angry or upset for little things.

I arrived at church, got my purse, laptop, and coffee and when I closed the car's door with my hip it failed to do so. I put the coffee on top of the roof and don't ask me how but when I tried to close the door the coffee dropped and spilled on the car, on myself and of course on the floor. I lost my $4 dollars drink. I got a tiny upset but because I had that talk with God in the car I just went inside the church, went to the bathroom, and cleaned my clothes and shoes. I was proud of myself. I did not burst in anger, I was relaxed.

After we sing in the first service on Sundays, we usually go to the back,( the ones that already saw the service on Saturday, or the ones that will see the next one) there is a room there and the singers and the band members can just chill.

One of the ladies was so sweet to bring food, coffee, and juice. After serving my coffee I saw that there were two coffee creamers and when I saw one of the flavors it was WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA! Two of the singers knew about the coffee accident so I told them: "I guess I'm gonna have my White chocolate mocha after all!" We all started laughing.

I felt like all was part of a mini test from God and I'm glad. When we keep our promises to God, even if things turn wrong he never forgets about us. He knows about our needs and he fulfills them.

Have a blessed Sunday!


MAC pigments sale!

Hello guys!
This post is going to be for the MAC pigments sale!
These are the Pigments I have so far:
*Push the edge
* Teal
*Reflects Copper
*Reflects very pink

 From top to bottom: Naked, Violet,Push the edge,Melon,Mutiny, Teal
Left row is dry, Right row is wet with fix+
I used NYX jumbo pencil as a base
From top to bottom:Reflects Copper and Very pink
used wet with Fix +
From left to right: Melon, Naked, and Teal

I have 12 CONTAINERS AVAILABLE to make samples right now.
First come, first serve

I have 100% feedback on ebay 
and a little bot of feedback on
 with same username

If you are interested in one of the pigments on my list
please make sure to do the following: 
*Contact me at
* Put on the tittle of the email the name of the pigment/s that you are interested in.
* Let me know if you live in the US or other country.
*Leave me the email that is linked to your pay pal account so I can send the invoice.
¼ tsp: $2.36
½ tsp: $6.47 ( upon request)
(Pay pal fees are included in the prices)
Shipping fees:
US: $1.75
Everywhere else: $3.00( please note that some places are more expensive to ship, this fee may change accordingly)
Insurance upon request.
 It is recommended since I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. :-(
Questions? Please feel free to contact me at:

Back to black

Hello guys!
 Several months ago I decided that I wanted to give my hair a rest of chemicals so I stopped dying my hair. I started dying it since I was 17 years old. I've tried so many shades lol but my faves are red and black. I was kind of bored with my hair so I talked to my mother in law and she agreed to dye it. I picked up the Loreal Feria in Starry night and I am loving the color!!

On the eyes I did a neutral look with some blue using my 88 palette :-)

The wind decided to help me on this one lol

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