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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture belongs to amiclubwear

I saw these a few days ago at Dulcecandy's blog and fell in love with them. I kept thinking about them so I went back to her blog to see where she got them.
The website is called amiclubwear.com and they have a lot of cute stuff.
I found the shoes and they are on sale! Only $12.99!! I also got a coupon code of 35% off so I payed $21.05 tax and shipping included! Shipping should take about 4 days!! I'm so excited :D

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  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! See me clap my hands! :D

    Loving the shoes - so hippie like =)

  2. Like Susie said, hippie style ;)
    Like this shoes :)

  3. Thanks Susi and Liloo! Yes, hippie!!! that's why I love them so much. Can't wait to have them!!


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