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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

 Wearing one my hubby's fave T shirt

Wearing clothes for men is something girls have been doing for a long time but I never felt the desire to do it.
Lately, there's a lot of men T shirts that I like better than the ones that are supposed to be for girls!!!

I've found myself wearing my husbands T shirts and it's kind of cool! lol
Plus I think he finds it sexy too :D

Do you guys do this?

 I'm wearing:
Brows: Maybelline Define a brow
Blush: MAC Springshine Ombre
Lips: MAC Made with Love LE l/s
Hubby's T: Urban Outfitters
Forever 21 headband

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  1. I used to do it before having my baby girls, then I stoped coz I work as a special need educator and the student thought that I was the sport teacher XD

  2. I used to wear some of his older shirts to bed, they are always so comfy! :) But as for your makeup it's so pretty! And made w/love l/s does not look that good on me! :)


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