Project 365 #46 #47 #48 #49

I needed a pair of shorts so I tried-bought this one :-)


Mmmmmmmmm Paella!
In celebration of Father's day!

Back home!

This is what he does...

I'm Back FOTD

Hello lovelies!
I got back home last night. We went to Orlando on Friday to spend the weekend at my in laws so we could celebrate Father's day since we could not do it last week.
We had dinner with some Seafood Paella, Serrano ham, and Manchego cheese.
Everything was delicious!
I will be posting pics of that and the ones that belong to the Project 365 ;-)

This is how how I left on Friday:

Loccitane Ultra Matte fluid
MUFE Mat Velvet
Rimmel Stay Mate powder
( this is not the right color for me, too light!)


Maybelline Define a brow pencil


MAC Sprinsgshine Ombre

MAC Brick l/l
Revlon red lipstick from their Matte Collection

Bow Headband: Forever 21
Top: Forever 21

Project 365 #44- #45

Yesterday hubby came home with a bag of Barnes and Nobles and I thought he bought a new book
since he loves to read. Instead I got this sweet surprise!

I love notebooks ;-)

Today I got my shoes that I order from China
2 1/2 weeks later.. yay!!

Show: Blush

Hello guys!
I just found out recently about this show on 
Lifetime called "Blush".
It is basically pretty similar to shows like America's Next Top model and Project Runway.. 
but this time
is about makeup artists!
They are competing to b named  the next 
great Make up artist as well as getting other great prizes.
If you like this kind of show, tune in!!
It's on Tuesdays at 10 pm 
on Lifetime

Project 365 #44

Yesterday I got my prize!!
Thanks to the people that voted, I was a winner on a contest that was hosting Sacha Cosmetics.
I won a 24 eye shadow palette!
Later on I'll give a review ;-)

Here it is!

Miami getaway


Texas de Brazil Churrascaria
Father's day lunch

At the Double Tree Grand

View from our room

Duck! mmmm

Mmmm they gave cookies as a welcome!

Pool time!


Project 365 #41-#42-#43

The room at the DoubleTtree grand, Miami

Sooo pretty..

Father's day!.. they were listening very attentive to the waiter lol

I'm back!

Hello lovelies:
I'm back from our tiny vacation!
We had a great time in Miami!! Pictures soon ;-)

I also got my Sacha Cosmetics 24 eye palette. 
I won this in a make up contest a few weeks ago
I'll be sharing pics first and then later on I'll be doing a review and some swatches.
Happy Monday!

Turquoise FOTD

Hi guys!
I know, another simple look!
But with this  hot tropical weather, the simple the better.
Today I curled my hair again since I enjoyed it so much yesterday.
I love this kind of make up looks becasue they are easy to do, so if you are in a rush it works.. or if you are not in the mood for a complex eye make up you can throw this in and it still works ;-)
My inspiration to use the blue shadow is my Turquoise pendant.
I wont be posting pictures until Monday since I am going on a mini getaway with hubby and son.
We are going to stay in a hotel @ Miami!
This is thanks to a friend, we do not have to pay for it ;-)

bye <3

88 palette
Beige-brown-sky blue
MAC Float on by e/l
Maybelline Define a brow mascara
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara

MAC Dollymix

MAC Please me l/s
Pandora's lipgloss in Delicious

Project 365 #41 (Springshine was made with love!)

Hi guys!
Another hot day here in South Florida with some scattered rain. 

Today I went to the mall so the kiddo could  walk around and what not.
I also went to a store called Agaci, for the 1st time.
It has a forever21 feeling to it.
I bought a very cute denim dress for $21!
and it does not look that cheap IMO.. yay for pretty treasures like that! lol

Today I was feeling the tousled hair look haha
I also wore one of my fave headbands!
MAC Springshine ombre is sooo pretty!
and looks very natural..
I love to use it as well as  MAC Made with love l/s
I think these are great colors to wear in the summer.

Today I paired them up for  another simple look ;-)

 Yup, I feel sexy! lol

MUFE Matt Velvet
Maybelline Define a brow pencil

MAC Springshine Ombre ( Spring Color Forecast collection)
MAC Made with love l/s ( Color craft collection)

Project 365 #39 and #40

I took this pic yesterday in the later afternoon.
This was an epic fail lol
I wanted to take a picture of my top's print so I could use it as a background on my cellphone..aaaaand it didn't work! :D

Today's pic
MY MAC To the Beach goodies!
Beachbound l/s
Sweet and Punchy e/s
Float on by e/l
FOTD's coming soon ;)

Vanesa Boulton Handbags

Hubby showed me this website last night and I fell in love with these handbags.
I think her designs are fun and  unique!
The prints are really eye catching and I love the detail inside the bag.
I really like bold accessories and these bags can add such a unique touch to any outfit!


To the Beach...

Hi guys!
How's your Monday going?
So far I'm having a good day. 
I already went to do some errands and now I am back home!
A lovely friend of mine got me some goodies from MAC's To the beach collection as an early Bday present!!! 
I got them a few days ago and I am loving the products!
I really would like to do a couple of FOTD's using them.

Today I used one of the lipsticks from this collection. It is called
Beachbound and it is a gorgeous peachy nude shade.
It has a glaze finish which I like a lot.
On it's own it can wash me out a little bit so 
I used one of my neglected lip liners from MAC called Coral Craze
I really liked the outcome!
Make up was simple,  since today was expected to hit the 100 +  degrees!!

MUFE Matt Velvet foundation
Clinique loose powder
No concealer

Maybelline Define a brow eye pencil

MAC Peachykeen ( fave)

MAC Coral Craze l/l
MAC Beachbound  l/s ( LE)

Project 365 #37

My bare face with all the flaws.. *sigh*
I only did my eye brows
and an up do 'cause wearing my hair down is off my mind right now lol
I can not believe how hot these days have been :(

Goodies I won from Giveaway!

Today I got my goodies from
I was a runner up on her giveaway!
She sent a custom made bow with the colors I wanted as well as the music sign!
I did not know she was going to send this gorgeous butterfly!

Everything came very nicely packed!

Thanks girl, I'm loving it ;-)
She has an Etsy shop
You can find her creations HERE

Project 365 #35 and #36

Yesterday we went to the mall..
I took this pic while we were at the Sprint store.. lol at the man yawning!

Todays pic..
The kiddo!

Quote of the day

"Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness."
~Maya Angelou

Sweet and Soft FOTD

Hi guys!
I can not believe I am this tanned already!
I have the kind of skin that tans easily, even using sunscreen. 
I look so different lol. 
I had to go to Sephora and buy a new foundation! 
Now I am a 45 on Matt Velvet, instead of a 35
Today I was feeling sweet, I guess the ruffles in my cardigan influenced.. so this is what I did. 
I also flipped my hair a little bit to do something different and I like it. ;-)

 MUFE Matt Velvet 
Amazing concealer
Clinique Loose powder

MAC Peachykeen

88 palette: Pinks /Soft blue/ black
MAC Vanilla e/s
Wet and Wild Lust palette
I used the 1st color on the left, a soft pink
MAC Smolder eye pencil
Maybelline Define a Brow pencil
Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

MAC Pink Plaid
Pandora's Delicious lipgloss

Cardigan: Urban outfitters
Top: Charlotte Russe

Hope you guys like this one <3
Happy Saturday!

Quote of the day

"I like not only to be loved, but to be told I am loved. "
George Elliot

Wish you guys a great weekend!
This is a singing weekend for me so I'll be lots at church :D
and hopefully beach on Sunday!
What are your plans?


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