Friday, January 16, 2015

"Started a journal to keep my monthly bible verses.
I'm determined to memorize more of them.
Nothing like feeding the soul with God's word".

 " The other day hubby opened a box where we keep our old pictures.
 It's funny how with digital technology we don't print pictures anymore.
We keep them on our laptops or social media albums.
I want to change that. Anyways, I found in that box this
picture of myself at 24 years old. Little did I know
we were going to be doing more photo adventures in the future
with the blog.
I also realized how I've always been a boho girl"

" I dried this bunch of Purple Statice and it's
 amazing how the color is still intact"
Nature wonders..."

" I made these little birds to add a little something in our
 room since it is all  a beige color.
I got the idea from IKea's wall decals.
To make these, I used scrapbook paper!"

" I've been into mauve tones lately. So I made this lip mix

Last night we went to East End Market.
It is a neighborhood market that showcases
food entrepreneurs, artists, and chefs.

Porch therapy is a really cool store with all things green!
We bought this cute air plant and now it's sitting
g on our table.
On  Pinterest you can find so many cool ways to decorate with
 these lovely plants.

I'm so happy is Friday.. 
what are you guys up to?

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  1. Ohmy! I love reading your blog! :) Would definitely come here often, Sue. You're one of my inspirations!

    1. Hey girl!! I'm glad you enjoy my little space here, hehe.. :-)

  2. gorgeous photos! love that lip color on you.

  3. Great pictures, love your lipstick !!
    Have a nice weekend :)

  4. beautiful blog. have a lovely week!!


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