Review: Catastrophe Cosmetic Face mask

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

 Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh face mask

Lush has been one of my favorite brands for a while now. I love their soap bars, bubble bars, and my absolute favorite: The Jumping Juniper shampoo bar!
Perfect for an oily scalp.

As I needed to replenish on my shampoo, I made a quick trip to Lush and decided to browse their masks. One of the lovely ladies at the counter  approached me and we talked about my skin concerns. She ended up recommending the  Catastrophe Cosmetic mask.

This particular one, is packed with blue berries, calamine, rose absolute and chamomile blue oil to soothe redness, irritation, and cleanse without stripping of its natural oils. From the first use, I noticed immediately that it calmed my irritated areas due to acne. They looked less red and my skin felt really clean and even brighter. I have been using it for over two weeks and it is perfect for my sensitive acne prone skin. No irritation or itching so far.

This mask needs to be refrigerated! I really like the cooling effect it gives once applied.
Price:$6.95/2.1 oz

As far as application goes it can be a little tricky to put on because it does not have a super smooth texture. It feels a little grainy due to the blue berries chunks that it has. This didn’t bother me though. To rinse it out, it takes a little work as well but then again, I have to do the same with the Mint Julep mask which it was the one I was using before. I grabbed a small towel, damped it in warm water and gently got the mask left overs off. My skin felt really smooth! 
I have been noticing less break outs,  and the ones I am getting are not as big. I am really excited about what this mask  can do for my skin along with my other skin care routine!

*Smoothes skin from first application
*Soothes redness
*Deep cleanses, less breakouts
*Smells great
*Natural ingredients

*It expires pretty quickly.  It can be used up to 2 times a week so I am planning on  doing it like so to get the most out of it.

*The price is pretty doable but since it expires so quickly some people may not want to spend the $6.95 on something they will be throwing away sooner than with other masks.
* It comes in a pot. You have to make sure your hands are clean to prevent the product to get bacteria.
* Sold online only

I give this mask a high five and totally recommed it!

Which is your favorite Lush mask?

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  1. I believe you meant to say " sold in stores only". Its a great product, one of my face.

    1. Yes, That's what I meant. Made I mistake, need to fix it haha

  2. How is the smell on this face mask? I always go to Lush, meaning to buy the face masks but I always get put off by the smell :(

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. this mask sounds great! i'll probably try it once my finish my current tub of clay mask.


  4. Sounds like a wonderful mask but I'm so lazy when it comes to actually using them - mine would simply go to waste as Lush masks expire fairly quickly, don't they?


    1. They do expire quickly... but they smell and feel so good that I bet once you do it once, you will get hooked!

  5. i love it- this and cosmetic warrior are one of my repurchases.,

  6. Nice ;)

  7. I have heard so much in the bloggersphere about lush products recently but I have to say that one of the cons you mentioned (how quickly it goes off) really puts me off... I want a mask to used on a pampering night & not just to use it up before it expires! Great review, thanks for sharing <3


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