Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I'm very excited to share with you guys that I recently discovered a new store in one of my closest malls and  they are selling NYX and they have everything!! I don't remember the name of the store though lol

I've been buying NYX at Ulta but what they have it's so limited and they don't restock as often so when I saw the huge wall full of NYX at that store my jaw just dropped! lol.. looking forward to go at some point and buy some goodies :-)

This store is located in Fort Lauderdale @ Westfield mall. It used to be called Broward Mall :-)
 The store is located close to the Food Court.


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  1. *JEALOUS!*
    I have to get mine online :(
    I think there is one grocery store that carries a very limited range of NYX here on the Canadian westcoast but its still too far away from me.

  2. I get mine from cherryculture. Lucky you!!!:D

  3. that's great! we get such limited quantity of NYX here in Canada :(

  4. Super jealous! I wish I had a store here selling NYX! I have the pearl mania loose shadows because I bought them all online once (they were on sale) but I haven't had the chance to try much else :/
    Did you get anything? :)

  5. Hi Zoffe! No I didn't :-( but I can't wait to go back and buy some stuff!


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