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Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi again!

I've always struggled with an oily face but also an oily scalp! I know, I'm cursed! lol
Nah, but I mean it is such a pain. If I wash my hair on Monday night, Tuesday night I need to wash it again
if I want my hair to look pretty on Wednesday. If I don't do this, my hair looks all oily and that does not look very good.. and I do not like putting my hair in a bun which can help in camouflaging the situation.

Do you guys know about a good shampoo for oily scalp or a good dry shampoo?
I've been using Lush Rehab with the Veganese conditioner. I love how my hair looks and feel but Ihave the feeling that something in one of them or both is making it worse? not sure..
I really do not want to expose my hair so often to heat  and even now that is getting longer. I want it to look healthy.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Veganese conditioner dried my hair out like crazy!!!! So if you have oily hair it should work for you, but it made my hair look like straw.

  2. I now what you're going through. I've struggled with an oily scalp since I started washing my hair everyday just because my best friend was doing so, somewhere in high school. This was the biggest mistake! Washing your hair every day makes it even more oilier, because you are washing the natural oil, so your scalp freaks are produces more. I guess this is nothing new to you, but anyway, what totally saved my hair is dry shampoo. It first made me go 1 daywityhout washing my hair with wet shampoo, then 2 days, and now, even 3 days! This is an absolute miracle to me.

    I hope it helps!

  3. I suffer from oily hair too and I found a shampoo by aussie and it's called cleanse & mend. It's meant for oily scalp and dry ends. It works for me!


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