CVS oil free eye make up remover (Neutrogena dupe)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello guys!
I just wanted to share with you  this product that I am really loving. I used to use Clinique's Take the day off  which I love, but I was not loving the price tag lol. I started looking around on the internet and even on you tube and I saw lots of people raving about the Neutrogena oil free make up remover.

I went to CVS a while ago and I when I was about to pick the Neutrogena bottle, I noticed that CVS have a dupe formula. I read the ingredients and the CVS had the same ones as the Neutrogena. Since the CVS bottle was cheaper ( $5.99 on sale) I ended up buying it.

I've been using the product for like  month and a half and I love it!
It feels the same as the Clinique Take the day off. It does not feel heavy on the eyes and I love that you can just dab the product and the make up comes right off.

I think this remover is a great product with a great price tag! I highly recommend it :-)

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  1. i just bought the neutrogena one from wal mart yesterday for about 5.99... they do work great! at wal-mart equate brand had a version but I didn't even think to look and see if the ingredients were the same.

  2. Good to know! The ARecibo CVS just opened so I'll definitely check it out when my make-up remover runs out :-)


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