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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I just found this blog and I love her work so much so I wanted to share the link with you guys :-)

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  1. I know her for 6 months right now and she is realllllly talented and creativist ( I'm sorry I'm french and I don't know if it's the proper word!).
    When I started doing makeup 6 month ago, I didn't know nothing, and looking at her work, it gives me the motivation, coz she is not even a graduated make up artist, she does it only with passion. I like her ^^

  2. Wow she's really talented!

    I'm having my first make up contest on lipstickonthecup.blogspot.com and I hope you'll enter!

  3. ah-ha! ure one of the girls that has no link when i click on their pic under my followers page ... well, im so glad u commented cuz now i found u and ure awesome blog! HEY THERE! *hugs*

    ure an amazing artist and i love ure inspiring story. cant wait to catch up on ure postings! thanks so much for following my lil blog! i REALLY appreciate it!

    love and blessings,

  4. Thanks so much BBM! and you are very welcome :-)

    Yesm Liloo, she is great!

  5. hey doll,

    wanted to let you know i gave you the beautiful blogger award! check it out:




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