Featheary Headband

Friday, March 12, 2010

I love headbands!!!! and today I picked this one up at Forever21. It is black, braided, and it has charms and black feathers.. I'm loving it so much. I also found such unique ones at etsy.com. They are a bit more expensive but then again I love handmade things. They have such a unique feel :-)

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  1. That is such a cute headband! I've tried wearing headbands but, after a while I feel like they start moving up my head; really weird :-)

    You look so cool in headbands :-)

    I'll definitely have to go by Forever 21 next time I go to Plaza las americas, which isn't very often.

    Have a super great weekend!

  2. You need to go soon! They have the cutest one girl!


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