Handmade invitations by me :-)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hello guys!

I just realized that I haven't shared with you that I do handmade invitations for weddings, showers, birthdays... Everything is done from scratch! Embellishments used are bought separately though . Prices may vary depending on what it is requested and quantity. If  you are interested in unique invites you can contact me at fintia@msn.com

These are examples of my work:  I've done  Baby showers so far, hence the pictures :-)




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  1. These are so cute! Keep it up, you do an amazing job!

  2. oooooooooo cute!
    i love handmade cards but i usually dont have the patience to do them myself. I love the look of stamps too, i think there's something really heart-warming about stamps :)

  3. Thanks PBunnieP and Yes! I love Stamps..I agree with the heart-warming :-)


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