Estee Lauder beauty advisor!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I got hired! and I'm super excited. I start training on Tuesday. I really do not use or own anything from the brand so I've been studying their website so I can get familiar with the products. I'm a little nervous about the selling goals part, but hopefully I am going to do great! lol

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  1. Congratulations love :)
    That is super exciting! I'm not a huge fan of EL but they do have a great history and huge power in the industry. Keep us updated, we're supporting you all the way.

  2. Thanks PBunnie and Shadowy lady!

  3. Wow congrats, lady! You are going to be awesome at the job, and they will be so glad that they hired you :) Keep us posted on how you like it :)

  4. Chica, felicidades! Me alegro un monton. Se que te va a ir muy bien.

    :-) Exito!

  5. wahoo congrats! :D you'll be great!


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