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Friday, March 12, 2010

I've seen these Sigma brushes all around You Tube and I am pretty sure that you guys have too. For the ones that do not know, Sigma is a company that started selling brushes ( now they sell make up too) comparable to MAC quality. They actually numbered their brushes with the same numbers as MAC. This has been a controversy. Theres people that do not mind about it and others that feel the opposite. I've been working in my kit because I want to freelance on my own so I've been buying little by little different things. I needed more brushes and even though I love MAC ones, right now I can not afford in buying them. In the future I would love  to have some of them.

Since I needed a good quality brush set and I've heard soo many good reviews about these brushes, I put the controversy aside and decided to buy them.

The presentation it's great! They come in a fabric black pouch and it looks just adorable. When I got the brush roll out ( I decided to pay a little more to get it) I was surprised with how good it is made. Very sturdy and looks very well done. When you open it there is a flap that says Sigma. You lift it up and you can see the brushes. They came very nicely packed. Some people mentioned in a forum that they smell funny. I noticed a slighlty smell but nothing shocking. I washed them so I am waiting for them to dry to see if it goes away. At the forum at they said the smell goes away. Here are some pics!



They are super soft!! so that is a good sign. I tried to compare some of the brushes with the MAC ones I have and I have to  say that the Sigma 224 is not the same as the MAC one. Sigma's is a little bit more dense and a little bit smaller. MAC one is more fluffy and bigger, however I am excited to try it and see how it performs.

As a gift I got a travel size 217 and comparing it to the MAC one, Sigma's is more fluffy, less dense.

Sigma's 239 is very different from MAC's 239 also. The MAC one, the bristles feel very dense and tight and Sigma's 239 is a little bit more fluffy and wider.

I can't wait tomorrow to do my make up! So I will update you guys on the other brushes later on.
This kit comes with 12 brushes:
SS 224
Retails for 69$ plus tax without the brush roll
or $89 plus tax with the brush roll

Shipping was super fast! 3 days!!! I think this is a great deal if you are looking for good quality brushes but with a cheaper price tag :-)
but like I said, I will share my feelings on them after I use them.

See ya! hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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  1. cant wait fo your review :)

  2. Wow, that's an excellent deal! I am half tempted to grab some of these, even though I have the MAC ones. They look like good quality, I like how they were packaged and presented! Enjoy them! :)

  3. Ok, will be waiting for your review.. Those brushes look so nice...

  4. Ok Laura :-) and yes, they do look and feel nice to the touch.


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