A splash of orange!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello lovelies!
Hope you guys are having a great week. I am  having a busy one. I am working on some custom birthday invites and also I've been going to the hospital everyday for a series of routine exams. Once or twice a year I need to get checked out because of my cancer history. So I can't wait this week to end because I've been also on a low iodine diet which sucks! I can not eat out of the house, pretty much I have to cook everything from scratch using my no iodine salt and spices.. anyways.. let me stop with the boring stuff lol.. I'm good and today I felt like using orange. It is a color I do not use often and this is what I came up with.. Please ignore the brows, I've been growing them out since last time I did not like how the lady did them. not going to her for sure!

MUFE Matt Velvet
Amazing concealer
Clinique Blended face loos powder

MAC/ Hello Kitty Fun and games

NYX Milk jumbo pencil
Matte pink from 88 palette
Matte Purple from Manly 120 palette
Matte Orange from Manly 120 palette
Orange liner on waterline
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MAC Blanc type e/s
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara

MAC Ravishing

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  1. Nice look. Love the purple on you :o)


  2. I love this combp, gotta try it sometimes :)

  3. Thanks Shadow Lady! Would love to see your interpretation!

  4. Wow this look is so pretty! And that foundation is gorgeous, I will have to try it next time I go to sephora!

  5. I love how the orange looks with the pink and purple. I would never have thought to combine them but, I will now.

  6. Wow "Ravishing" doesn't look nearly as good like this one me. Maybe because I'm too pale so it looks darker. I love how it looks on you though, your lippie looks juicy.
    Gotta go find some more coral colours for spring :)

  7. Thanks Emy! and Pbunnie, I used a very very light coat so that's why it looks very soft :-)

  8. Love it!

    btw how did your MAC thing go?

  9. did not get it!! lol but that's ok :-) and thanks!

  10. look at you! pretty girl! those colors are amazing!

  11. This look is so pretty and original :) tHis is the kind of look that I wear and lovvvvvvvvvvvve. Well done ;)


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