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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So it was that time to go to Lush and get some goodies! I went with hubby and son on Valentines day and picked out these goodies. Hubby loves Lush too hehe :-) We got  free goodies with our purchases. Hubby got a sample of shaving cream and we also got a star shaped soap as well as a limited edition bomb!

Veganese conditioner
Veganese is so light it's meant for those with fine hair. A herbal balance of lavender, rosemary and lemon keep your hair shiny and your scalp toned, while agar infusion (seaweed) moisturizes and softens. It took Lush product inventor Helen Ambrosen a while to come up with a vegan conditioner (it was hard to find an alternative to softening lanolin)

I have to say that I like it even though I wish that it could be more moisturizing. Hubby loves it so we bought it for the two of us, This is our second bottle.

Rehab shampoo
Deep cleanse and moisturize damaged hair with our ultimate strengthening shampoo. Fresh papaya, pineapple, kiwi and mango juices cleanse, peppermint, and rosemary stimulate the scalp and extra virgin olive and jojoba oils moisturize dry, damaged hair. If you've done some naughty things to your hair and it needs a little R&R, treat it with Rehab and once you discover the softness and strength returning, you won't regret it. All you need is a small dollop to wash your hair; it lathers quite well.

I like this one a lot. I love the fresh smell and  you can feel the deep cleansing!
This is our second bottle as well. :-)

I love my Honey soap but they were out of stock so I asked the SA for another great moisturizing bar and she recommended this one.  I used it last night and I loved the smell, it lathers well and it felt smooth, but have to wait and see
how is gonna work with my skin.

Our Figs and Leaves soap smells of ylang ylang blossoms on a spring day just after a fresh rainfall. It has bits of exfoliating fig seeds to stimulate and gently wash away dead skin, and aloe vera extract to soften you up and smooth you out. We only use the finest, quality ingredients in our soaps, so feed your skin something wonderful by washing it with nourishing fig decoction. Your skin will look and feel fantastic.

All of these descriptions  I took them from the Lush website.

What are your fave products from Lush?

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  1. Here is the entry form. I was going to email you but I can't find your email address.

  2. Awesome goodies! I just went to Lush for the first time last week, and I got the Sandstone soap, the Sultana soap, a Pear massage bar and some toner. I love them all so far!!


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