11 Random Facts About me

Thursday, February 11, 2010

11 random facts about me
Hope you guys can know me a little better :-)

  •      I am from Puerto Rico and my first language is Spanish.

  •       I am a singer/ songwriter and I used to make living singing back in my country.

  •        I am a mommy of a 20 months old baby boy and I am in love!

  •       I started with make up while breastfeeding! It would take me an hour to pump milk and I would get bored sometimes just sitting and pumping so I started watching YT videos  until one day I found the how to and style category. The first tutorial I saw was  from Fafinettex3 … because of her I started falling for make up!

  • My fave eye shadow color is purple.

  • I’m a Thyroid Cancer Survivor.. as of today I’m cancer free

  • I have been doing make up only for a year and 2 months and everything I know Is from You Tube gurus! I started knowing nothing!!

  • I’m Christian and I enjoy singing at my church on weekends!

  • I am extremely shy and people confused that and think I am a b#@$%.

  • I am afraid of the dark.

  •  I love fairies.. that’s why I have one tattooed on my arm :0)

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  1. Congrats on beating cancer girl!!

    And I love how you got into makeup...lol breastfeeding, classic.


  2. thanks for sharing these. Do you still sing (besides in your church)?

  3. No, I currently sing only at church :-)

  4. thanks for sharing and congrats for beating cancer!

    cool blog. i just started a blog, will definitely follow you!

  5. Congratulations on beating cancer - must have made you a very strong person.
    You Tube videos of your singing would be great to see!


  6. Thanks Marie and Melissa for your lovely comments!

  7. Ok- I loved this. I have to say that I have learned a few interesting facts about you and it makes you even more real.. Great job.

    #1 Congratulations on yourCancer survival- thats phenomenal! <3
    #2 I didn't know you were Puerto Rican. My Husband is Puerto Rican and obviously that makes my children 1/2 Puerto Rican as well..
    #3 I have learned over the years that I should never "judge a book by its cover" because when I was younger and naive I would assume people seemed rude or snobby and in reality they were wonderful "shy" people... God Bless and keep up the great work! Laura

  8. Laura! thanks for your lovely comment! How cool you are married to a Puerto Rican! :-)

  9. I remember when you used to practice your singing and guitar playing over at the apartment in Santa Rita. I'm pretty sure I even got to see you sing in Old San JUan :-)

  10. It's so crazy how time flies by so quickly :-)

  11. Sii Emy, you did! and yup time do flies!!!

  12. Thats really awesome that you sing & survived cancer, this was really uplifting to read =)

  13. Hi Misshollyrose! Thanks for stopping by and thanks :-)


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