Spring Colour Forecast haul!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

If you read my other post today I went to pick up my make up goodies. I was so lucky!
These are the products I ended up with. Only one of them was on my initial list and it was the Springshine Ombre. Everything else just jumped out on me at the event. I was so sure I was gonna get the purple quad but I do own purples, plus I do want some purples from the perm line so I decided to pass. Lavender wind was a disappointment since it was more on the sheer side. The pinks and corals did not excite me. Pink Burst l/s and Electric Fuschia l/g used together was a surprise! A girl was walking around and I noticed her gorgeous lip color and when I asked her, those 2 she was wearing. I might go back for those later on.

I decided to get the Color #4 quad because I saw the MUA doing a look on a lady and it was soo pretty that I got it since I also do not own colors like that.

I've been collecting MAC for only a year, so yup, lots of colors I still do not have from the perm line.
Gold Dust caught my eye when I saw  a lady putting it on herself. The color on its own was so pretty and then I thought that on top of Bronzilla lipstick could look amazing. I usually don't do frost on my lips but this one was so pretty that I took a chance and I am glad I did. It looks gorgeous!!! so soon I'll be doing a FOTD wearing all these goodies together!!! Oak lip liner is not part of the collection but on the Bronzilla face chart is the lip liner they used to do the lips so I decided to get it. Over all I'm happy, the collection is great. There is something for everyone. I really wanted to buy things I do not have and these colors are a nice change to play with. I wish I could've bought more but sometimes you can't right? hehe

What are you guys looking for to buy? or if you went to an event what did you buy?

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  1. yey! You got your goodies :) The neutral quad is great if you don't have colours like that already. I have a tone of purples and I still got the purple quad, lol!

  2. Great haul love! I'm excited to go sometime within next week to pick up some of the blush ombres!! I'm the same as you I am new to the world of makeup collecting and still have my eye on a bunch of perm line stuff, but I love the ombres!! Can't wait to see your FOTD

  3. That quad looks gorgeous :) I have a month to contemplate about that one since it'll be released in the UK in March!

  4. Thanks girls! I'm excited with my goodies for sure :-)

  5. I can tell which color collection you liked the best :) Looks awesome though, wish I could get my hands on that stuff now too :)

  6. Great haul! I went to an event as well, it was chaos at times, but worth it. Don't you just love the blush ombre??

  7. Yes!!!!! I love Springshine!! I wish I can buy at least one more at some point!


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