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Friday, February 12, 2010

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GOD: I have so many reasons to be thankful to Him. He's been by my side
always. He cured me from Cancer and I am just happy to have Him in my life.

Family and Friends: I love my family!! being with them is the most amazing thing!
Being a mother is the most wonderful miracle!!
Friends also make me happy.. I have lots of them over the internet but very few in real life.. it's hard to find true friends.

Singing/ playing instruments: I love singing! I've been singing since I was a little girl but it wasn't until middle school that I started competing in Talent Shows and later on doing it as a living when I was in college. I got my first little piano when I was around 6-8 yeas old.. can't remember well but I loved that gift. I started playing by ear and the song "Lambada" was the first song I learned to play all by myself! I still can play a little bit of piano..I learned to play the guitar thanks to my grandpa! but when he died I stopped playing and picked it up later on when I was in high school. I still sing at my church and play the guitar sometimes.

Makeup: Oh my, what an addiction I have lol!! but it's so worth it. I've gotten to know some great people through this make up passion. I love this art and I just want to keep growing as a make up artist.

The ocean, the sky: I just love to stare at the ocean and sky and watch the waves crash. I usually just contemplate how small we are and how big and amazing is the God that created all of this for us to enjoy!

Chocolate: Yessssssssss my fave dessert ever.. give it to me in an ice cream, in a cake, you name it! just love it :-)

Traveling: I love to travel and get to know other countries. I've traveled to:North Carolina, San Fransisco, LA, New York, Canada, and Paris

Food: I'm a foodie!! I love food and my hubby too. We like to try different things. We are not scared of food!

Scrapbooking: I love doing this even though I end up really tired. It's very time consuming and when I get to it I can spend hours doing it without noticing.

Dancing: I love to dance Salsa!

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  1. I absolutely love being by the water, too! I could sit on the beach all day!



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