Monday, February 01, 2010

Finally it's just a day away!! Tomorrow I will be attending the Spring Colour Forecast event at MAC.
I've been so excited with this collection that I can not wait to see it in person.
I'll be posting pics :-)

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  1. Can't wait til this collection is released! SO many pretty things. Have fun at the event, can't wait to see the pictures

  2. yey! we should compare our hauls after ;)

  3. haha yess.. my haul is going to be small though but that's ok :-)

  4. cool,,!!
    can't wait ur pics from MAC event..



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  6. i saw you there! i wasn't sure if it was you so i didn't say anything...but now i'm sure so hi! :)

    what did you end up getting?

  7. Oh my! Marisa, really? I tried to look around to see if I could recognize someone but it was so crowded and I was so excited looking at the stuff.. so hi back!!! lol

    Girl I got nothing!!! when I was about to paid my card did not go through, it was expired! I left empty handed and very very sad. My new card was home but hubby forgot to tell me. I called today and I got the manager in a good mood! She is gonna let me pick up the stuff today!!!!!

    This is what I am picking up:

    Springshine ombre
    Golden Dust l/g
    Bronzilla l/s
    Neutral quad

    I wanted to buy colors I do not have
    so I behaved haha.. but later on at some point I want the purple quad, Pink burst l/s and Electric fuschia l/g :-)

    How about you? what did you get?

  8. aw! how disappointing! but lucky you caught the manager on a good day :)

    i thought i was gonna want SO much, but all i ended up getting was lavender wind lipglass (PERFECT over lavender whip) and almondine (amazing for layering). i wanted victorian and bubblegum lipsticks but didn't love them once i saw them in person.

    but i also got 2 of glamour for all lipglass from all ages...they didn't have it at all 3 counters at dadeland or at the pro store at aventura OR at the counter at macys....eventually they called upstairs and had 2 left and i fell in lovvvve! so i had a big lipglass day yesterday :)

  9. @ Marissa.. that's good great haul!


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