Happy Easter! and a anecdote..

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Well today is for sure a very special day to celebrate. Today is God's resurrection and we can rejoice in HIM!. We have so an amazing God and we really need to be thankful because I know everyday we receive blessings from Him. Sometimes are big blessings but sometimes are little blessings, and because they are little, sometimes we do not even see them... I am learning to see the small ones. I am learning to be happy and not to be bothered for the little things. I'm learning to see the big picture: HEAVEN.

I wanna share a little anecdote. Today before going to church I stopped at Starbucks and order a White Chocolate mocha. I got the coffee, stepped out, and got in my car. While I was on my way I started talking to God. Just telling Him that today was a day to rejoice and that I did not wanted to be angry or upset for little things.

I arrived at church, got my purse, laptop, and coffee and when I closed the car's door with my hip it failed to do so. I put the coffee on top of the roof and don't ask me how but when I tried to close the door the coffee dropped and spilled on the car, on myself and of course on the floor. I lost my $4 dollars drink. I got a tiny upset but because I had that talk with God in the car I just went inside the church, went to the bathroom, and cleaned my clothes and shoes. I was proud of myself. I did not burst in anger, I was relaxed.

After we sing in the first service on Sundays, we usually go to the back,( the ones that already saw the service on Saturday, or the ones that will see the next one) there is a room there and the singers and the band members can just chill.

One of the ladies was so sweet to bring food, coffee, and juice. After serving my coffee I saw that there were two coffee creamers and when I saw one of the flavors it was WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA! Two of the singers knew about the coffee accident so I told them: "I guess I'm gonna have my White chocolate mocha after all!" We all started laughing.

I felt like all was part of a mini test from God and I'm glad. When we keep our promises to God, even if things turn wrong he never forgets about us. He knows about our needs and he fulfills them.

Have a blessed Sunday!


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  1. Good story, thanks for sharing.. made me laugh too!:D

    Btw, I have something for you, check out my blog!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. That's such a great story, thanks for sharing it! I agree that I am not always so patient. Hope you had a happy easter! :)

  3. beautyful story sue! ure an amazing person! isnt it funny that testing comes right after u talk to Him or commit ureself to Him? but its all about the journey ... and the journey He has planned for all of us is so amazing if u just keep trusting in Him.

    love and blessings always,


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