Shopping my stash: HK Lucky Tom palette

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I wanted to shop my stash today and I picked up my MAC/ Hello Kitty Lucky Tom palette!
This is such a lovely palette. I remember when I got it, I could not stop using it. Eventually I did becasue I did not want to get bored with it. I put it away and after months, today I decided to use it. I also used my MAC Beautiful Iris which is my fave shadow ever!!!

If you look at my headband I added the silver charm and purple leaf. It was an 11:00 pm project last night. I had a charm that was part of a necklace that broke and it was so pretty that I wanted to do something with it.. I used the feather and one of the charms.. and this is what came up!! loving it to pieces

PS: Got my eyebrows done!!!! what a difference :-D :D

Same as always!

NYX Milk as a base
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s on inner corners and half of lids
MAC Paradisco e/s on 2nd half of lids and blended upwards
MAC Styling e/s on outer corners, crease, lower lashline
MAC Violet trance on outer corners and lower lash line
MAC Lucky Tom e/s to deepen outer cornes and a bit of crease
MAC Vanilla e/s as a highlight

MAC/HK Fun and games

A very light wash of MAC Ravishing l/s

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  1. You are talented! Love the makeup (as usual) and great work on that headband!

    You reminded me that I must get my eyebrows done sometime this week :( I hate doing them, but it does make all the difference

  2. Indeed, your eyebrows look so classy if they are a bit thinner. =)

  3. Liking the eyebrows, looks neat and opens up your face!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. I'm not a fan of thin brow, so like that it's nice.
    Like this look ;)

  5. you look beautiful. Everything about this look is lovely


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