MAC/ Spring/ Summer Trend: Dye-A-Tribe

Monday, April 19, 2010

A shaft of sunlight through stained glass…
The syrupy freshness of peach juice…the swirled, translucent tints in a murano vase…tinted filters over a camera lense: for colour this summer, think multi-dimensional, soft-focus and super-blended in a succulent palette. It’s about optimistic, upbeat shades applied with the very lightest touch “in the ongoing trend for colour that looks airbrushed with the softest edges,” says Terry Barber. Not that its attitude is hippie-dippy or costume drama. “It’s more about taking pretty colours, yet giving them a rebellious edge so that they don’t come across as too bridal.” Whether that be the subtlety of a dégradé chromatic shift over the lip or eye or the juxtaposition of upbeat colours against a raw skin or bare lash, as Gordon Espinet explains, “It’s really about wearing colour with a cool factor.”

This is one of this year's MAC trends. I love color and I am always experimenting with new combinations.
It's so much fun!
Like a lovely blogger said (Zoffen), You can get away with color if it is well blended and also I have to add, if it is the right shade. There are soo many different shades out there that if you get the one that suits your skin tone you can have a splash of color in your eyes and look amazing. It's all about trying different ones.

In this FOTD I wanted to embrace wearing color with a cool factor.. so hopefully I did! I love my purples but this time I wanted to mix it with different blues. In the pictures it came out as a vanilla shade but above the crease and as a highlight I had a very light shade of baby blue.

Same as always

NYX Jumbo pencil in milk ( on lid and brow bone)
MAC Smolder eye khol pencil
Bare minerals Flamenco ( on lid)
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s ( on inner corners)
From 88 palette:
Baby Blue (above crease and as highlight)
Turquoise ( above crease)
Black e/s ( as a liner on upper lash line)
Dark burgundy color e/s ( crease, outer corners)
Medium purple e/s ( crease)
Dusty Pink e/s ( above the medium purple to blend)
Urban Decay Peace e/s( lower lash line)
Rimmel Glam eyes mascara

MAC Conjure up
MAC/HK/Tahitian hands
Ok, so the lips were a jourmey because I had a color in my mind so I mixed different lipsticks. I failed to find the color I wanted. However, I did like the outcome :-)
MAC Please me l/s ( one coat)
MAC/ HK/ Fashion Mews l/s ( one coat)
MAC Up the amp l/s ( dabbed lightly all over the lips)
MAC Beautiful Irirs e/s ( dabbed lightly)
MAC Via Veneto d/g ( on top of everything to finish)

Wow!! that's a lot of products for the lips right? lol oh well..

Have a great Monday!

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  1. amazing! ure such an amazing artist!

  2. I love the pop of blue on your lower lashline. and the lips are just to gorgeous!

  3. This look would go fab with the new "Denim style" trend i just posted on my blog! I wondered if I should have purchased the 88 palette at IMATS *ponders*.
    I checked out the list for IMATS LA and its HUUUUUUGE at least 3-4x larger than Vancouver! You're totally gonna have a blast.

    If you dont mind me asking; do you live in LA? I'm heading down there for a 1 week trip next Tuesday and would love some recommendations on places to go (beyond the obvious) for shopping or sight seeing!

  4. I love this look, you are gorgeous :)

  5. Oh wow, that looks shows of your complexion perfectly!
    I like how there's just a little touch of blue in the corner, subtle but effective :)

  6. That sounds so exciting Pbunnie!! and sorry but I do not live in LA I am in Florida. But when I went a while ago, nice places are downtown, the Hollywood area, Santa Monica is very very nice :-)

  7. I'm going to try my hand at this trend today for my first makeup look post if the little one takes a nap :)
    Lovely look. Thanks for posting.

  8. Thanks Mandi! would love to see :-)

  9. Absolutely stunning! I love your looks.

  10. 與其爭取不可能得到的東西,不如善自珍惜運用自己所擁有的........................................

  11. wow me encanta lo que hiciste con los colores, esa paleta la quiero desde hace tiempo.



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