MAC pigments sale!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hello guys!
This post is going to be for the MAC pigments sale!
These are the Pigments I have so far:
*Push the edge
* Teal
*Reflects Copper
*Reflects very pink

 From top to bottom: Naked, Violet,Push the edge,Melon,Mutiny, Teal
Left row is dry, Right row is wet with fix+
I used NYX jumbo pencil as a base
From top to bottom:Reflects Copper and Very pink
used wet with Fix +
From left to right: Melon, Naked, and Teal

I have 12 CONTAINERS AVAILABLE to make samples right now.
First come, first serve

I have 100% feedback on ebay 
and a little bot of feedback on
 with same username

If you are interested in one of the pigments on my list
please make sure to do the following: 
*Contact me at
* Put on the tittle of the email the name of the pigment/s that you are interested in.
* Let me know if you live in the US or other country.
*Leave me the email that is linked to your pay pal account so I can send the invoice.
¼ tsp: $2.36
½ tsp: $6.47 ( upon request)
(Pay pal fees are included in the prices)
Shipping fees:
US: $1.75
Everywhere else: $3.00( please note that some places are more expensive to ship, this fee may change accordingly)
Insurance upon request.
 It is recommended since I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. :-(
Questions? Please feel free to contact me at:

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  1. I'm excited to try out these pigment :)

    I responded to your message on YT.

  2. they are both gorgeous :-) sent you the invoice

  3. Received my 6 MAC samples! Love them! Thanx!
    I kept the Melon, Teal, and Violet and I gifted the other 3 colors to my daughter. She loved them!


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