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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello guys!
Hope you are having a great Thursday! This week went super fast!!
Today I want to share this yummy snack. This is what I've been eating instead of the lovely chocolate bar or ice cream lol. I'm trying to change my eating habits because of my health and also because I would like to drop a few pounds.
As you guys know I am in Cancer remission so I really need to work hard so I can stay cancer free. Sugar is something that this disease loves so little by little I need to eat less of it. This, of course is super hard since I have a super sweet tooth!

My hubby introduced me like 2 months ago to this lovely greek yogurt. It comes with a side honey so when you mix them together is super delicious! There are other flavors but I haven't tried them yet :-)
To make it even better I like to add this Honey/ almond granola and some strawberries and bananas!

Hope you guys try it!
You can find these items at Publix. If you do not have a Publix around check at your local grocery store :-)

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  1. Those look yummy and the best part is these are healthy snacks! Thanks for posting this.

    Wishing you more good health!:D Hope you are enjoying the week!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Thanks Marie! I'm enjoying it a lot! Here in Florida the weather has been soo nice, very brezzy :-)

  3. Que pena que no vendan esto por aca. EN donde unico yo consigo "Greek yogurt" es en la base.

    Sigue hacia adelante y confia en El, que todo estara bien. :-)

  4. We don't have this in France :(


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