Bargain Alert: Target!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hello guys!
How is your Tuesday going?

Today I wanted to share a bargain I found at Target. When I go to this store I always like to look at their $1 corner. You never know the things you can find!

This is supposed to be a candle holder but when I saw it I immediately thought: Brush holder! I found it super cute and liked that it was black. Check your target for availability!

I've been wanting to do though the Sephora style holder for a while, but my baby is in the stage where he wants to touch everything and climbing into everything so I have the image in my mind of him just throwing the thing on the floor.. so I think for now this holder looks cute and I am even thinking right now that I could add a ribbon in middle and maybe look even cuter!! :-) This is it:

I put my MAC and Sigma brushes here. 
The smaller brushes I left them in My Hello Kitty one

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  1. My tuesday has been great so far, :D.

    Nice idea, really cute holder!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Design.
    ... and everything girly under the sun!:D

  2. Thanks Marie, glad to hear is going well on your end :-D

  3. I wish we had a Target here! It looks really cute.

  4. The idea of a brush holder is awesome. For a $1, it looks chick n expensive.

  5. wow what a great idea. I go to Target all the time and never thought of this. Thanks for sharing!


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