Sigma Brushes review!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

As I promised here I am going to give you guys a review of the Sigma brush set I bought .
As I mentioned in this post Sigma Brushes, shipping was super quick and the presentation of the product was great!
The brushes are super soft which I love. They came with a slight chemical smell but once I washed them it went away completely.
I have seen minor shedding, but then again MAC ones also shed sometimes.
 I haven’t seen any bleeding though yet. After washing them several times they still look great.  I usually wash my brushes after every use.
This is a very good brush!
I can pack color very well but I can pack color faster with my MAC 239 because it is more dense and stiff. Sigma’s 239 feels a little fluffier, but it still does the job! I am happy though with this brush.
This brush is very different from MAC’s 224. Sigma’s brush head is smaller and not as fluffy, but I love it too. I am using it with great results!
I think I still kind of love my MAC 224  since it’s very fluffy and does not apply a lot of color at once.
This one is great! I do not own a full size MAC 187, but I do have the LE Hello Kitty 187 brush which  is
very soft. The only disappointment from the Hello Kitty brush is that it bleeds like crazy so I do not use it for foundation, I use it only for blush or powder and so far it works great for that. Sigma’s 187 is super super soft, even softer than my HK 187 and my Jane Iredale ( 187 look alike) The SS187 works great for foundation  blush, and powder too.
I’m not a fan of this kind of brush. I have a similar brush from Essence of beauty and I usually use that brush for concealer sometimes. I used the SS 190 and even though I do not like the process in doing my foundation with this brush I do have to say that I got very good results. So I guess whenever I have dirty brushes I can use this brush knowing that I am going to get great results too.
I do not own a MAC angle brush, but I like Sigma’s. I wish it could be just a tad more stiff. These bristles are very very soft and I kind of like to have more control when doing my blush so a little stiffness is good to me. It is a great brush though! It depends on your taste :-)
I’ve been wanting this brush soo bad.  I’ve been using my Essence of beauty crease brush as a kind f a dupe of the 219. They come in a pack with two. I usually use the small one for my lower lash line work, and the medium one to concentrate more color on the crease. Both of these brushes are very stiff and they apply color heavily. What I love about Sigma’s 219 is that it is not as dense so it does not apply color very harshly which makes the shadow easy to blend. I’m loving this one to use it on the crease but  for my lower lash line I think I still prefer my Essence of beauty small crease brush.
I own the MAC 209 brush from the Holiday Collection of 2009. I do not use it as much though.
I do not think it is as good as the full size 209. Some brushes in the holiday sets are great but others can be not so good lol. Sigma’s 209 bristles are thicker as well as the head. I do not like it. When I did my eyeliner the line came too thick. I prefer my MAC 266 for eyeliner.
I own the MAC 217 from again, the Holiday collection and I love it!. I do not have a full size though.
I got a Sigma travel 217 brush as a gift with my purchase and I quite liked it. It is fluffier than MAC 217. So I guess Sigma’s 217 is like a combination of MAC’s 224 and 217 if that makes sense lol. Not to dense, not to fluffy.
I do not own a MAC 150 but I loveeeeeeeeee Sigma’s. The softest bristles I’ve ever felt! Lol
I have the MAC 252 from the Holiday Collection and I was liking it a lot until I met Sigma’s.
What I like about Sigma’s is that the head of the brush is thinner and smaller. It works perfect for my eye space.
As mentioned before,I  have the MAC 275 from the Holiday Collection. I love the MAC one because it is fluffy. What I love about Sigma’s is  that it is thinner. I prefer to use Sigma’s under my brows, but I like the MAC oneto blend the shadow on my inner corners.
I do not own a MAC concealer brush.  Sigma’s is ok, I wish it could be more fluffier.
SS 266
This small angle brush I think it’s great. I like that it is stiff and you can get more control when doing the liner. Also for the bottom lash line work is also great. The MAC one I have it’s fluffier, but I do love it too. I use them both with great results.

I think overall these brushes are great quality, and for the price you can't go wrong! I still would like to have some especific MAC brushes down the road. But for now, I have a very decent set :)
Hope this was helpful!

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  1. Greay review of the brushes! I didn't know you had a blog! Cool!

  2. Great review!:D

    Have a lovely week!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Thanks for the great review. I'm a die hard MAC fan but maybe just maybe I'll pick a couple of these up to try out.

  4. I just love theyr brushes :)
    Really good quality and not really expensif ;)

  5. Yes Liloo, Good quality for the price. I'm very satisfied!


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