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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hello guys!
Today was a kind of a freebie day for me :-)
I went to MAC to do the Back to MAC thing and I got Hepcat e/s.
It is a gorgeous purple magenta shade with a frost finish. 
This color has been on my wishlist for a while, so today I had the opportunity to finally get it. 
I cant wait to play with it!

Also, I stopped by the Clinique counter located at Bloomingdales since they started doing the Clinique Bonus offer. For the ones that don't know, Clinique do this twice a year and you basically need to spend over $25 and you get a free gift that includes different products like mascara, moisturizers, eyeshadows, blush, etc..
I really like this offer since it always comes with either one or 2 cute cosmetic bags too.

I usually pick this at Macys, but last week I got a small catalogue from Bloomingdales talking about the offer. 
The designer Milly, partnered with Clinique and she designed the bag.
This time the free gift includes 8 products!!

From top to bottom
Bamboo Lipstick
Frsoted Blossom e/s ( it's showing lie a white shadow but it is pink)
Chocolate Chip e/s

Close up
 There is no no base on my hand

 Now Let's talk about the good stuff!

 Cosmetic bag
As you can see this bag is super cute! I really like the design. It is a medium size so you can pack a lot in here!
Perfect for travel or even to use as clutch.

Eyeshadows and Blush compact
Usually with this offer Clinique always put together really muted colors. This time though, they did brighter colors! The pink and brown shade are gorgeous. The pink is more on the sheer side, I'll need to see how it works on they eye area using it with a base. The chocolate brown color has great pigmentation! It is a gorgeous shade and I am loving the texture. But again, I need to play with it on my eyes!!

The blush is super gorgeous!! It is a bright  frosted pink. I tried this on today, I already had MAC Peachykeen. I applied the Clinique one on top and it looked fab! Sorry guys no swatch! I just realized it now  and I am too tired to do so lol

Bamboo Pink lipstick
Usually the lipstick shades that they offer with this free gift I do not like. But this time I really do!. It is a very pretty coraly pink but more on the sheer side and very shimmery.

High Impact Mascara
This mascara is ok. Nothing too spectacular but I do not mind. It's always good to have a back up of mascara laying around.

Take The Day off
This is a great makeup remover!! I super love it. The make up comes right off, there is no need to tug anything.

Lipstick Case
This one comes with same pattern as the cosmetic bag and includes a mirror inside! Perfect to take that fave lipstick with you!

Youth Surge
This is a night moisturizer- age deceleration. This one is for dry combo skin, so I don't think I'm going to use it :/

Lash primer
I'm very excited to try this! I have never used a primer for my lashes so I can't wait to see how this is going to work.

Back to MAC
MAC Hepcat e/s
It is sooo pretty!!
I'll be doing a FOTD soon with it and will show a swatch!

Well that's it for tonight!
Bye :D

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  1. i love hepcat! i dont' give it enough love. i wanna use it this week! have fun with it!

  2. That's a great freebie! Here there are sometimes offers like that of Clinique, but you have to spend above 50€ and in specific products...

  3. @Jen: Thanks I will!
    @ Becky: Wow! yeah, $50 is a lot to spend.

  4. WOW! hepcat e/s is really pretty! I am also loving your Clinique haul xoxo


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