August faves!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I don’t do this very often but I felt like doing this kind of post.
I wanna share with you guys my August faves!

Picture belongs to  bubblegarm   

MAC Made with love
This is my go- to lipstick. If I am not doing my eyes, and I am going for a quick look, this is the one I use since it is such a beautiful shade of coral.  This lipstick was part of the Color Craft collection and  it was a limited edition though, sorry guys!

MAC Fun and games
This blush came with the collaboration of MAC and Hello Kitty. I really love this one! It is a peachy slightly shimmery blush. It is not super pigmented so I need to pack it on but when it shows, it is a dream!
I love to pair this blush with Made with Love.
Picture belongs to  amabilia
MAC Smoke and Mirrors e/s
I have been using Maybelline define a brow  pencil to fill in my brows and I still love it but I one day I decided to try a shadow instead and I used the shadow called Smoke and Mirrors (medium brown in the palette) from the MAC Smoke and Mirrors palette. I am liking a lot so far so now depending on my mood I use either the Maybelline pencil or this shadow or both!

Bobbi Brown concealer
I like this one to get that clean and defined brow look! I also love how my highlight  color pops even more.

Ardell Wispies
 Since I decided to cut my lashes and make them more into accents I’ve been loving it!
I’m sure you guys have noticed that I have been using these a lot. I really like how natural they look.
I think lashes are very important since they complete the eye make up. My lashes get lost as soon as I apply my upper eye liner  so using false lashes on my outer corners is something that  I have been enjoying.

 Clinique Stay Matte powder
I always keep coming back to this one. This powder does not break me out and it's really good to use for toch ups. This time I got a shade called invisible and it's supposed to work on all skin tones. I am loving it!

Well these are my faves!
Thanks for reading and commenting loves :-)

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  1. Great faves, I gotta check out the Clinique powder, have heard great things about it!

    I gotta do my August fave. I'm late this month :(

  2. That lippie looks like a nice shade...I may have to try it.


  3. Thanks for sharing!

    That lipstick is fabulous :-)

  4. @Shadowylady: thanks and yeah, look into it ;-)
    @@Dhalia and Emy: It is a gorgeous shade indeed!!

  5. great favorites! i def. use the clinique powder i absolutely love clinique products they're pretty awesome.

  6. Yeahhhhh I discovered the falses this week and I'm just amazed coz they are really natural, love them :)

  7. I love that lip color! So sad it's LE :(


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