Review:Urban Decay primer Eden

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello guys!
Today I come up with a review.
I bought the UDPP Eden I wanna say a month ago. 
I got it at Sephora for $18
When I first heard about this primer I got really excited.
I was very interested in the matte formula, but not excited about the same genie bottle.
The original UDPP has been one of my HG items in my make up collection.
I have very oily lids so UDPP so far is the only product that prevents creasing.

I thought I was going to get the same results with Eden, but I did not.
For starters, the formula is a lot thicker than the original. A little bit goes a long way, a little bit, I repeat.
You only need one dab on your lids, if you get too much it is very difficult to blend since it dries very quickly and you end up with a really strong looking base.

This is something that  disappointed me, it dries too quickly for my taste.
The color that you get when it dries is a flesh tone kind of color similar to 
MAC Soft Ochre paint pot which I liked.

Unfortunately, this formula did not work on me. I have been using it and my eye make up creases after a few hours.  I have tried different things to make it work like layering Eden UDPP with MAC Soft Ochre paintpot on top ( I heard this tip on a YT tutorial) and  it kind of worked but today I did the same and when I got home my eyes were looking awfully creased and of course I was disappointed because I wore my make up for only 4 hours.

However what does not work for me can work for others, so even if you read this
don't get discouraged! 
For reference, as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I do have very oily lids.
I don't think I'll buy this again :(
Take care guys!

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  1. Sorry about the Eden UDPP not working for you. Can you get a refund?

  2. Thx for this review :)
    I've heard that this base was really sticky and I think that you're not the only one being disapointed by it :/

  3. i have the same problem with eden! i thought it was just me :(

  4. Ican't Emy, because the bottle fell on the floor and broke so I had to depot it :/

  5. ohh I don't like thick formulas!! Great review cuz now I know not to buy it :D thankss

  6. just like you ive got oily lids i love my udpp, so perhaps this is something ill try in the future after my tube is all gone and finished. nice quick review :D

  7. Thanks for the review! I just bought Smashbox primer for under the eyes, it works pretty good.


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