My Miami Ink episode :-)

Monday, September 27, 2010

This is not make up related but I wanted to share lol.
I finally found my Miami Ink episode on You Tube
I appeared on the show on 2006.
I'm so glad I had the chance to get this tattoo done
by Chris Garver
He did such a wonderful job!!

If you wanna watch it: :-)
Part 1

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  1. Sue!:D Thanks for the link, it was nice to watch and hear you in English.:D

    The first time I heard your voice was in Spanish, that sweet song for your son.:D

    Have a great week!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Que cool! Siempre he querido ver tu episodio!

  3. wow te quedo hermosa, que artista.

  4. Omg I knew you looked familiar for a reason! lol

  5. I actually saw that episode when it aired years ago! I knew I'd seen your face somewhere before, haha! :)

  6. that's so awesome you were on the show. you're a strong woman after watching the episode.. keep striving! btw, love the piece!

  7. I'm sitting in a classroom right now, so I didn't have the chance to watch the video with the sound on, but I definitely will when I get home.
    Just wanted to tell you that I think the tattoo is beautiful! :)

  8. I knew you looked familiar - I seen that episode tons. How cool!

  9. Very cool! It's funny how much he didn't want to do it, poor guy!

  10. @ Emy: Gracias!
    @Jilliecat: Thanks dear :-)
    @Lucy: gracias corazon!
    @Mandi: hehehe lol
    @Marisa: Thank you!
    @Sammie: haha that's cool
    @Dirt on the rocks: Thanks sweety ;)
    @Zoffe: lol thanks!!!!
    @Celia: How cool!! :D
    @Lily: Funny thing is that all that I don't want to do this tattoo thing was staged!. I had to do an interview with the producers of the show telling them my story and my tattoo design a week before the taping. They said that in order to get tattooed, the artist needed to like the tattoo.. I guess he did that because drama in reality TV shows, do more ratings!! lol

  11. That's so cool! And what a beautiful story and tattoo : )

  12. Miami Ink is one of my favorite show , because i like tattoos . My Favorite Artist is chris Garver.I love His Tattoo work...I love To Watch Miami Ink Episodes.

  13. that was very beautiful! thanks for sharing! so glad that despite the artists' dislike of fairy, he could give you want you wanted! congrats!


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